LED bulb prices continue to decline Q3 performance outlook is not optimistic

Taiwan's LED manufacturers' July revenue data was released. Data show that in July, the operating income of the eight major LED companies in Taiwan decreased compared with the same period of last year, and the revenue of six of them decreased. Judging from the cumulative year-on-year growth rate of revenue, four of the top eight LED companies in Taiwan have a negative year-on-year growth in cumulative revenue.

LED market sentiment continued to decline, Q3 outlook is not optimistic In July, Taiwan's LED packaging index fell from 3,562 points to 3,111 points, a decrease of 12.66%. In the same period, Taiwan's electronic components index fell from 81.04 points to 73.97 points, a decrease of 8.72. %. In addition, the growth rate of the July LED revenues of the eight LED companies in Taiwan was negative. Among them, the growth rate of the July revenues of the six companies was negative, and the cumulative revenue of the four companies from January to July showed a downward trend. In July, the overall revenue of LED factories in Taiwan slowed down, and the market sentiment was inferior to June. In addition, the recent negative impact of the international lighting manufacturers on the low-cost clearing of LED bulb stocks, Ping An Securities believes that the 15Q3 performance outlook is not optimistic.

LED bulb prices continue to decline, to stimulate the penetration of LED lighting to enhance <br> <br> According to the survey, in July, the global LED bulbs to replace 40W retail price of $ 11.1 (-5.6% MoM); LED bulbs to replace 60W global The average price is $15.2 (-3.3% MoM). Among them: 1) The price drop in the US region is the largest, and the price of LED bulbs replacing 40W and 60W is down 14.1% and 9.5% respectively, mainly because first-tier brands such as Philips, CREE and GE have launched low-priced new products; 2) Relative prices in China Stable, some products are still carrying out mid-year promotion activities, replacing 40W and 60W LED bulbs prices by 0.6% and 2.4% respectively. Ping An Securities believes that the decline in LED bulb prices will further stimulate the release of LED lighting demand and promote the penetration of LED lighting.

LED-related companies to cross-license, market competition grew more intense <br> <br> recent major LED manufacturers to maintain market dominance, have shot consolidate patent advantages: 1) today announced the signing of Cree LED chip patent cross-licensing agreement with Epistar; 2) In order to consolidate its market position, Cree has filed a total of 10 patent infringements between Dongbei and FeitElectric. After the capacity, patents will become the most critical weapon for LED manufacturers to compete in the market. We believe that LED manufacturers in the mainland and Taiwan regions with active LED patents are expected to stand out in the more intense market competition.

Although the LED lighting business has been improving for a long time, this year, due to the continuous decline in the price of international lighting bulbs, the overall revenue of LED factories in Taiwan has slowed down. The LED market prospects in the second half of the year remain to be seen and maintained, maintaining a “neutral” rating. In the context of fierce competition in the industry and the increasingly fierce patent war, resource integration within the industry (including horizontal integration and vertical integration) will be an inevitable trend, and enterprises with technological and scale advantages will be in a favorable position in the integration.

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