Let the "China's first light" replay the splendor

In 1983, an ordinary cultural clerk at the grassroots cultural station boldly proposed to rescue the lost folk art "Tang Deng". For more than 30 years, he has been running in the process of saving the "Tang Lan", no regrets, because in his heart, there has always been a dream -

Indissoluble bond with "acupuncture without bone flower"

In 1983, at the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival held by Li Xiangman at the Lantern Festival, he accidentally heard an old man in his 80s, Feng Libiao, saying to himself: "Tonight's lantern festival is lively. Lively, unfortunately, there is no one lantern that is better than the past. The speaker is unintentional. Li Xiangman immediately asked the interface: "How good is the lantern in the past? The old man said: "In the past, the lanterns were not covered with bamboo sheets. They were all stuck with paper paste. The patterns on the lanterns were all pierced with embroidery needles. It was really beautiful." ”

On the night of the night, Li Xiang, who was lying in bed, couldn’t sleep, and how to dig and rescue this “no skeleton, needle-punched lantern” thoughts, always lingering in his mind, entangled him for a long time, can not sleep, He made up his mind: I must rescue the lost "Tang Lamp".

As the first step in the rescue work, Li Xiangman inquired around the town and learned that there are still 12 elderly people in their 80s who know the "Tang Deng" situation. However, it is easier to organize these elders to rescue the lost "Tang Deng". The mobilization of the work has been a lot of trouble. He has spent a whole year to get through the old people because of the bad composition in the past. I was worried about my thoughts and agreed to participate in the work of making Tang Light. But things just started, and some people in the ancient town made irresponsible remarks. What to say, a cultural clerk does not have more contact with the poor middle peasants, but always with the old landlords, the old rich peasants, the position is not firm. Someone also told Li Xiangman to the County Cultural Bureau. Some people also said to him that the cultural station called some people to make lanterns, how can they do something for children to play with.

Therefore, on the one hand, Li Xiangman worked harder to do the job of the cultural station. On the other hand, he withstood the pressure of all parties, stabilized the ideological sentiments of the 12 elderly people, accelerated the rescue work of the "Tang Deng", and played these more than 80 times. The old man rescued the role of the "Tang Deng" folk craft. The 12 elderly people not only overcome the unfavorable conditions such as dazzling, stiff hands, and poor energy, they are together to rescue the "Tang Lan" every day, and they are determined not to pay. After a few months of hard-working recalls by the old people, the first "Tang Lamp" that has been lost for more than half a century has finally reappeared. Although this lantern is not as refined as the "Tang Deng" that the old people have seen in the past, Li Xiangman is very happy. He is happy to finally see the prototype of the lost "Tang Deng" and initially mastered the "Tang Lan". Production process.

Pearl shines again

In order to rescue the "Tang Deng", Li Xiangman invested more than 100,000 yuan in personal funds and included all his wages in the excavation and rescue work of "Tang Deng". In these 20 years, he wore shirts and shoes that were low-end products of more than 10 yuan, and did not smoke or drink, and reduced the consumption of life to the lowest limit. The former dean of Wutanqing and Ye Miaofeng, who were retired at home, learned that Li Xiangman had to pay for tools and materials to rescue the "Tang Deng". He volunteered to donate 10 yuan and 5 yuan to help rescue the Tang Dynasty lamp. "Use." In order to further improve the excavation, rescue and inheritance of the "Tang Deng", Li Xiangman enrolled 12 high school graduates as a student of "Acupuncture Boneless Lamps" and began to train hands-on, while constantly digging and developing " Various varieties of Tang Light. In the more than 20 years since 1984, Li Xiangman has explored and developed a total of 27 varieties of 10 categories in the "Xianju acupuncture boneless lanterns" with regional cultural characteristics.

At the China Folk Art Exhibition held in Hangzhou in October 2004, the exhibition “Xianju Acupuncture Boneless Lamps” caused a sensation. The audience showed more than 30 different shapes and beautiful scenery. The acupuncture boneless lanterns are full of praise, and the experts are even more admired: "This is a national treasure! This is a national treasure!" On the evening of October 21st of the same year, the Chinese Folk Artists Festival was held for the first time in Hangzhou by the Chinese Folk Artists Association and other units. At the awarding ceremony of the first "China Top Ten Folk Artists", Li Xiangman won the second place of "China's Top Ten Folk Artists", ranking behind "Zhu Bingren, the world's master of bronze sculpture and the father of Chinese copper architecture." It can be seen that the experts praised and affirmed Li Xiangman's excavation and development of acupuncture boneless lanterns.
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