Lighting "big": NVC's bad luck

Is the establishment of the new NVC a "hurry" or is it fueling the fire? How will this affect NVC and Wu Changjiang?

On the 27th of this month, NVC dealers and suppliers will hold the new “NVC” brand mobilization meeting in Zhongshan, which means the birth of the new “NVC”. This is the reason why NVC dealers have made demands with the employers. The only decision that was made in response to the failure to obtain a reply on schedule for a few days. They believe that the use of such a “forced palace” war will allow Wu Changjiang to return to NVC, but they do not know that this will only allow Wu Changjiang to stay away from NVC’s weapon. "According to the rules of the listed companies, if Wu Changjiang goes to a new brand, it will violate the relevant rules." As for the current situation of Wu Changjiang, he is not as perfect as dealers expected. However, in the eyes of Wu Changjiang, it seems that all this All are expected, even if they are unwilling!

On the one hand, the brand created by one's own hands is the brother who shares the same painstaking efforts to make NVC bigger and stronger. Seeing how this originally intact family was gradually torn apart, how painful this is? Was Wu Changjiang not the most hurtful person in this incident? ! Of these, not only were the parties injured, but also those who supported Wu Changjiang, supported NVC, and supported Chinese national brands.

If the new “NVC” is established, the market will increase a brand. Unlike other lighting brands, the new “NVC” is the brand that NVC and investors use after the court battle to “change the drug”. There is a certain identity background. However, as a new brand, although it is the substitute of NVC, it is hard to imagine the smooth development of the road. After all, there is still a certain difference between the new NVC and the mature and mature NVC. First of all, the new company's operations will take some time to function properly, which will affect its business operations. Second, companies operating with multiple shareholders may not necessarily be a good thing. If Wu Changjiang joins the new enterprise as one of its shareholders, it will inevitably be reminiscent of the incident of the shareholder separation of NVC seven years ago; and thirdly, if the original NVC talents are dug into the new “NVC”, At this time, the original NVC will become an empty shell, and (Equipment) and Schneider will make further plans for the original NVC, the consequences are not good assumptions!

It seems that NVC dealers and suppliers to establish a new brand is not a satisfactory thing. In the face of the current situation, if we can stabilize people's minds and unite as one, we will strongly support Wu Changjiang until we return to the board of directors of the company and may be able to try. It is not the result that everyone wants to see for a new “NVC” compromise. .

This is a "fight" that is doomed to lose. However, the fate of NVC is very worrying!

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