Little common sense: how to use safer appliances in winter

As the weather gets colder, household appliances also need to pay more attention to maintenance. So how should all kinds of home appliances be maintained in winter? Maintaining electrical appliances in the winter, the next quarter, the use of home appliances will naturally be satisfactory. The following small series briefly describes how general appliances should be maintained in winter.

There are two general treatment methods for air conditioners in winter. One is that the cooling type air conditioner will be idle for a long time; the other type of air conditioner will start heating. Below, let's talk about the problem of using these two different air conditioners in the winter:

1. Refrigerated air conditioner

Refrigeration-type air conditioners are generally idle after entering the winter, ready to be sealed up and will continue to be used next summer. How to seal the air conditioner is better? First, the dust inside and outside the air conditioner should be removed. The filter should be washed with water or a neutral detergent, but it should not be washed with hot water above 50 °C or with strong alkali or acidic liquid such as washing powder, gasoline or banana water to avoid deformation. Then, while air drying the filter, you can scrub the air conditioner's indoor unit and outdoor unit, taking care not to splash water inside the air conditioner. When cleaning the panel, be careful not to use too much force. If the dirt is heavy, you can use a neutral detergent diluted with water. Unscrew the water from the cloth first, then wipe it. After cleaning, wipe the detergent on the cabinet thoroughly.

The outdoor unit needs to check whether it is installed firmly. After cleaning the dust, it can be covered with a wind and rainproof hood to prevent the dust from accumulating during the idle period and affect the normal operation of the machine in the future. After cleaning, the filter can be installed, and the air conditioner can be adjusted to the air supply state. After blowing for about 1 hour, the dust cover can be closed. Don't forget to take out the battery in the air conditioner's remote control.

Cooling and heating air conditioner

When the air conditioner is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the air conditioner. Therefore, I suggest that you still need to scrub the filter. Check if there is too much ash in the heat sink, whether there are any debris that affects the ventilation around, whether the fan is stuck, and whether the power cord and the pipe insulation sleeve are bitten by the mouse. If the condenser and the evaporator are more If more dust adheres to affect the exchange effect, try not to wash it with water at will, and prevent water from entering the compressor. It is best to use professional technicians for cleaning.

In addition, replace the air conditioner remote with a new one and start to activate the air conditioning heating function. After about half an hour or so, observe whether the air conditioning heating is normal, whether there is noise, whether it will leak or the like. If an abnormal condition is found, the repair should be checked as soon as possible.

2, home appliances should pay attention to open

DVDs and CD players should be kept open for a short period of time and should be open for at least 1 hour. Avoid turning the appliance on and off too often. If the appliance is frequently turned on and off, the internal components of the appliance are constantly subjected to high and low temperature cycles, and the internal components may be destroyed in the transition of high and low temperatures. After opening for about 1 hour, the appliance can maintain a certain "activity", which can extend the service life of the appliance.

3, home appliances are not suitable for close to the place of fever

Every household in the north has a hot pipe, but it is best to keep away from these heat sources. Because the temperature changes drastically, the internal parts of the home appliance will age prematurely, and it is not suitable for the use of home appliances.

4, home appliances are not suitable for the air outlet

It is also easy for the air outlet to make the outer casing of the appliance, the internal parts accelerate aging, and shorten the service life.

5, the refrigerator should not stop using

Many users like to turn off the refrigerator in the winter to save electricity.

But in fact, the refrigerator does not have much cooling time in the winter, and the electricity consumption is naturally much less than the summer. Disabling the refrigerator not only causes inconvenience in daily life, but also causes damage to the internal parts of the refrigerator.

6, pay attention to keep the health and safety of home appliances

In the winter, there may be no need to use household appliances. At this time, you should pay attention to clean and good collection. Avoid moisture, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid dust and bacteria. The winter maintenance of these appliances is easy to handle, and it is very convenient to use them in the next quarter.


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