Made in China LED Lighting Asian Games

Energy-saving and carbon-reducing LED semiconductor lighting is becoming the "darling" of the Guangzhou Asian Games. After dressing up for the Expo, LED green lighting will be dressed up in the Guangzhou Asian Games.

LED is a new generation of environmentally friendly light source that attracts worldwide attention. Its high brightness, low heat, long life and non-toxicity are called the most developed green lighting source in the 21st century. China's LED lighting industry started in the 1970s and has been developing for more than 40 years. Now it has become the world's largest lighting appliance producer and the second largest lighting appliance exporter. The reporter learned from the Asian Games Organizing Committee that the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games will become increasingly Approaching, in order to reflect the concept of the green Asian Games, at the opening ceremony of the upcoming Asian Games, the organizing committee of the competition will use LED lights to dress up the effects of light and shadow, and the number is expected to reach 100,000. In addition, the Guangzhou Asian Games's infrastructure has used a large number of LED outdoor lighting, such as the main venue of the Guangzhou Asian Games Asian Games venue, and the surrounding roads have built a new 70,000 LED street lights, Foshan Branch, Lingnan Pearl Stadium around 12 main roads, 12000盏 High-pressure sodium lamps are all converted into LED street lights.

In addition, in order to meet the Asian Games, Guangzhou City has carried out major road environmental remediation and bright projects in the city's main entrances and exits, main roads and important landmarks. In order to welcome the Asian Games, the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of Urban and Rural Affairs invited experts to formulate new plans for the bright projects on both sides of the Pearl River and the new central axis.

Bright materials on both sides of the Pearl River will use LED as a new material for a larger area. It starts from Baietan in the west and reaches the Weizhou Bridge in the east. It runs across the Pearl River, the Yuexiu, Haizhu and Tianhe districts. The total length of the north and south is 18 kilometers. The two sides include the new TV tower, Haixinsha, Xinghai Concert Hall, and White. Night scenes of multiple nodes such as the etan. After the lights are on, the Guangzhou city neon under the night is flashing and dazzling.

As the supplier of lighting products for this Asian Games, Guangdong NVC Lighting has independently developed a variety of energy-saving lighting products based on the needs of the Asian Games and the design of the venues. It is used in the lighting and LED exterior decoration of Asian Games venues and supporting facilities. . Wu Changjiang, chairman of the company, said that he will promote the concept of “high efficiency, energy saving and green lighting” to more people on the coming of the Guangzhou Asian Games, and create a more perfect light environment to respond to the “Green Asian Games”.

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