National semiconductor lighting product quality supervision and inspection center officially opened

On the morning of July 25th, the National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was launched and the awarding ceremony of Jiangsu Provincial Semiconductor Lighting Product Standardization Technical Committee was held in Wujin High-tech Zone. Zhang Qiang, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, Wang Chengbin, Zhou Bin, Ling Guangyao, Wang Mingchang, and Xue Jianzhong attended the Changzhou and Wujin Districts.

The National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center established in the High-tech Zone, as the second national semiconductor lighting product testing center after Xiamen in the country, was approved by the State Bureau of Quality Supervision in January 2010 and was newly acquired in 2011. 43 Mu, a total investment of 149 million yuan in the first phase of the project, began to build a 20,000 square meters 5-storey central laboratory building. After the completion of the National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, will provide LED companies in Changzhou, Jiangsu and even the whole country with testing, research and development, certification, standards, training, information, product promotion and other comprehensive services. After more than a year of hard work, at present, the LED inspection center building has been successfully completed, and in June passed the national assessment, authorization, and national laboratory accreditation "triple play" on-site review, formally put into operation phase.

Zhou Bin, Secretary of the Wujin District Committee, congratulated the opening of the National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the award of the Jiangsu Provincial Semiconductor Lighting Product Standardization Technical Committee. He said that in recent years, Wujin has insisted on the development of strategic emerging industries as the main direction for special upgrades, and has successfully created a number of characteristic emerging industrial clusters such as semiconductor lighting, robotics and smart equipment, and new functional materials. In particular, in the semiconductor lighting industry, a group of leading companies in the industry, such as Lite-On, Sumitomo, and Jingyuan, have been successfully introduced, successfully creating a number of industry-leading products such as sapphire-patterned substrates and LED chips, and effectively forming substrates. From the epitaxial chip to the complete industrial chain from package testing to application, Wujin Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering High-tech Industrialization Base”. Our district will use the opening of the center building and the establishment of the Standardization Technical Committee as a major opportunity to promote the accelerated development of the semiconductor lighting industry in our region, and to actively, efficiently, and innovatively provide services and go all out to support the construction of the center.

Wang Chengbin, deputy mayor, pointed out in his subsequent speech that the official opening of the National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center marked the addition of a powerful technology propeller to the development of the LED industry in Changzhou. The Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision approved the Jiangsu Provincial Standardization Technical Committee for Semiconductor Lighting Products to be established in Changzhou, providing a standard opportunity for Changzhou's semiconductor lighting industry to take the lead in development and quality development. We hope that the center will seize this great opportunity, make persistent efforts, face the market, service enterprises, and expand the industry, attract more professional and technical personnel, gather more product standard information, and provide better detection and R&D services. This is Changzhou and even the whole province. The development of semiconductor lighting companies, products and industries throughout the country has contributed to the growth.

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