Ningbo LED lighting enterprises seize the opportunity of industrial development to build a complete industrial chain

Ningbo is one of the earliest areas for the development and production of domestic LED lighting products. The industrial and commercial registration shows that there are more than 1,000 LED lighting and related manufacturing enterprises in the city, of which 150 companies have certain production scale and product development capabilities.

In recent years, Ningbo LED lighting enterprises have seized the opportunity of industrial development, constantly technological innovation, active transformation and upgrading, and formed a unique competitive advantage. The emerging spectrum of optoelectronics, Ebara lamps, Xaerfu, Hehui, Kaiyao, Futai , Yaotai and other leading enterprises.

However, for a long time, Ningbo LED lighting products are mainly exported. In the domestic market, LED products are mostly concentrated in municipal engineering and landscape lighting with strong policies.

In the face of the huge market for the delisting of incandescent lamps, Ningbo enterprises are accelerating the layout of the LED lighting industry chain. In 2006, Sugawara lamps entered the field of LED lighting and successfully developed high-power LED street lamps. Among them, intelligent solar LED street lamps broke through the technical bottleneck of conventional street lighting hours and became the first in China. Hehui Lighting has locked the development prospects of LEDs into intelligence. The new building opened in August this year will be the first to apply this technology.

In 2009, Ningbo Semiconductor Lighting Industry, Education and Research Technology Innovation Alliance was announced. This alliance is based on enterprises, supported by public platforms, supported by scientific research institutions, and committed to major key technology research, participation in standards development, and talent training.

At present, the LED lighting industry in Ningbo has initially formed the "chip-package-drive power-power control-application products and supporting" industrial chain. In 2011, the output value of Ningbo LED lighting and related industries reached 13 billion yuan, becoming one of the three major LED lighting industry bases in China.

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