Obstacles to the upcoming listing price of OLED TVs have yet to be overcome

South Korea's panel makers Samsung and LG exhibited 55-inch OLED LCD TVs at the 2012 CES in the United States. It is expected that the shipments will be produced and officially marketed in the second half of 2012, causing market expectations and concerns. However, recently, Samsung, LG's first batch of 55-inch OLED TV price up to 7000-8000 US dollars, about NTD 21-24 million, compared to 55-inch LED-backlit LCD TV, Taiwan local models Only about 50,000 yuan, even if the imports of Japan and South Korea is only 7-8 million spectrum, which exceeds the expected and high spreads, it seems that large-scale OLED TVs must overcome obstacles at an early stage.

If you look at the product characteristics, only OLED TVs, compared with traditional CCFL (cold cathode lamp) backlight LCD TV products, clearly have the advantages of thin, good picture quality, high contrast, better power saving and so on. However, if compared with LED backlight LCD TVs that have been continuously optimized recently, OLED TVs will be slightly thinner, but they will be better in picture quality, power saving, contrast (LED backlight can be designed to automatically adjust brightness), and service life. On the other hand, there are LED-backlit LCD TVs that can break through.

In-depth discussion of the thickness of the TV, although the thickness of the OLED TV machine is only known as only 4-5mm, LED backlight LCD TV with edge-lit backlight design in the past two years, the thickness of the whole machine is 2-3 cm, but recently the manufacturers also The development of LED-backlit LCD TVs with a thickness of only 1 cm is being developed, which not only reduces the thickness difference between OLED TVs and edge-lit LED-backlit LCD TVs, but also reduces the significance of TV-thickness disputes.

It seems that the price is an obstacle to the current OLED TV more difficult to break through. If you want to use the characteristics of the product hardware, pull out this number of times the spread, in the mature flat-panel TV market, I am afraid there are difficulties. Unless with brand-specific software or innovative killer applications, it can effectively highlight the more value of OLED TVs.

As panel makers accelerate the introduction of mass production of high-generation OLED production lines, it may help reduce the production costs of large-size OLEDs. According to market research agency forecasts, the price of OLED TVs may drop sharply between 2014 and 2015. By then, the popularity of OLED TVs may accelerate.

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