Panasonic plans to launch OLED TV products by March 2016

Panasonic, the executive director of Panasonic's digital products business, said on the 4th that it plans to launch OLED TV products before the end of 2015 (before the end of March 2016). Panasonic is currently working with Sony to develop next-generation OLED panels for TV/large-size displays with the goal of establishing mass production technology for next-generation OLED panels in 2013. In addition to Panasonic, Sony is currently working with Taiwan AUO to develop OLED panels.

The world's first OLED TV was an 11-inch product that Sony launched in 2007, but the sales were too high due to the high price. Currently, South Korean manufacturers are leading the way in the development of OLED TVs. South Korea's LG Electronics (LG Electronics Inc.) has launched large-size OLED TV products in January this year. According to securities analysts, South Korean manufacturers may face a fate of failure because current OLED TV prices are still not able to be pushed down to acceptable levels.

According to reports, Hugo Shin, head of communications for LG Electronics' home entertainment products, said at a technology conference on April 16 that its OLED TV has only sold about 200 units since its launch in South Korea in February. He believes that these TVs will have to wait at least 2-3 years to drop to the same level as today's high-end LED TVs.

On May 27, Oh Chang-ho, head of South Korea's LCD panel maker LG Display Co. (LGD), said that the company is expected to launch a complete line of UHD OLED TVs of various sizes and designs by the end of 2015.


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