Perfect imperfect perfect mobile phone delusion

As a sports-loving digital “home” man, I’ve done myriad quests for the perfect mobile phone and I’ve never stopped it. There are iPhones that are famous for their application experience. Afterwards, there are screens and a variety of high-profile Samsungs. All-metal body for the HTC series of promotional points. However, they have more or less certain problems. Let's take a closer look at their imperfections. The iPhone 6 has a lower screen resolution; the 6 Plus screen occupies a relatively low volume; the Samsung S6 has good hardware and looks. However, battery life is a serious injury; HTC's appearance and craftsmanship are outstanding, but the hind legs' performance and multi-layer chin seriously affect its overall competitiveness. After much deliberation, there is not even a mobile phone that meets all the requirements of the author. Let's take a look at the ideal cell phone in my mind today.


Excessive performance in the author's eyes is completely cloudless, how can the performance surplus, of course, the stronger the better. To choose a stronger option, Samsung Orion 7420 is currently the strongest Android cpu, its performance far ahead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, but the ideal cpu in the eyes of course is Samsung has just released the cat 8890, with The most powerful CPU and GPU is definitely the most powerful SoC in the next year.

As for memory, now the Android flagship models generally reach 4GB. This memory is sufficient for mobile phones, and many laptops have only 4GB of memory, such as the Macbook Air. In terms of Android's use of memory, the system will use memory as much as possible, combined with the performance of the existing 4GB model, I think that 4GB of memory is already very sufficient, and the larger memory is not practical in the present sense. 4GB LPDDR4, that's it.

Almost forgot to say built-in storage, 128G have a discussion? Of course, the memory chip is not only an indicator of capacity, of course, such a large capacity must have strong read and write performance, on UFS2.0.

The memory chips used in the iPhone 6s are even faster. It is said that the NVMe technology, which is the PCI-E technology used in computers, is extremely powerful.


Although everyone likes thin and light mobile phones, some people are willing to sacrifice light and thin in exchange for larger batteries to ensure their life. For instance, the author prefers to give up the Maxx version that is lighter and thicker. Of course, if you can keep it thin and light, the battery can reach 3000-3500mAh that would be better. Of course, with the current technology or fish and bear's paw can not have both, iPhone6's battery is only 1810mAh, while the thickness of the Samsung GS6 is only 2550mAh, both are not really good battery life. Both want thin and light, do not want to sacrifice battery capacity, we can only wait for the battery technology to have a leaps and bounds development day.

Since thin and large batteries can not have both, then charge the headline quickly, and now Qualcomm has released the QC3.0 standard, but the author chose Samsung Orion can only look gawking. Samsung's Fast Charge is actually similar to Qualcomm's QC2.0 standard, and fast-charged chargers can also be used universally. Samsung only uses its own power management circuit and hopes that Samsung will release the next-generation fast-charge standard as soon as possible.

Taking pictures

What do you think is the best cell phone in the world for iPhone? From S6, Samsung has already caught the pace of Apple on the camera. After releasing the Note5 and S6 edge, Samsung has already overtaken Apple in the photo shoot. Apple's 6s and 6s Plus still haven't used the new 12-megapixel camera. Can exceed Note5. Samsung’s use of the Sony IMX240 sensor from Note4 has contributed to it, saying that it is currently the best sensor and not too much. Sony’s sensor plus Samsung’s adjustment is the strongest picture.

screen size

The author's ideal screen size is 5-5.2 inches. The premise is that there should be a screen share that is as high as LG G2. Not that the screen is not good, but the author's hand is a bit small, 5.2 inches is already the limit of holding.

Curved screen & straight screen

Although the curved screen is all cool, although the author is the basis, but I still like straight ... ...

Screen share

In addition to the screen size, the screen share is one of the important criteria for measuring a mobile phone design. Taking the same 5.2-inch LG G2, Nexus 5X, and Moto X as examples, the G2 and Nexus 5X with the highest screen ratio are simply one worse than the other. Magnitude.

If you think that the comparison between the G2 and the Nexus 5X is not obvious enough, then the same 5.5-inch LG G3 vs iPhone 6 plus is the ultimate battle. Can you believe they are 5.5 inches?

Note5/.S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus really is not my black iPhone, but its screen share is indeed...

Screen material and resolution

In addition to the screen size, the screen material and resolution are also the subject of debate over the years. 2K resolution is not necessary. What is the effect of AMOLED screen display? In the same size, the higher the resolution is, the more delicate the screen is. Although many people say that there is no essential difference between the 2K and the 1080P on the 5-inch screen, the actual perception on the 2K is indeed more exquisite, and the naked eye can still see the difference.

However, high resolution also brings certain problems: the increase in power consumption. In terms of models currently equipped with 2K screens, the S6, S6E, and LG G3/G4 with 2K LCD screens have relatively poor battery life, except for the Note5 and S6 Edge+. Comprehensive sophistication and power consumption, the author chooses 1080P screen in the size of 5 inches, wait for 2K screen to be more mature then adopt late.

As for the dispute between AMOLED and LCD, this is a matter of personal preference. AMOLED is full of rich colors, but the tuning after S6 is also approaching true color, and LCD screens have always been known for accurate color. Like heavy colors, or like real colors, it's all about personal preferences.

In addition to color, there are two distinct differences between the two, black performance and brightness. The self-luminous nature of the LED allows the black to emit almost no light, and the black is naturally pure. The LCD requires backlight illumination, and the lower potential of black is not as good as that of LED. However, in the daytime, the difference between the two is not significant. Under the relatively dark environment, the difference between the two will be revealed.

Brightness is the main difference between the two, AMOLED's instantaneous brightness can reach an amazing 600 nits, but it can not be maintained for a long time, the brightness is only about 300 nits under normal conditions, compared to the iPhone uses the LCD screen has 500 nis There are indeed some gaps. Although in the 2K resolution Samsung AMOLED screen is significantly lower than the LG LCD screen power, but since I chose the 1080P resolution, the difference between the two power consumption is not the case, or choose the LCD screen. (Cats are equipped with 1080P, well, it is so violent.)

Back shape and feel

Taking S6 and G2 as examples, they are also 5.2 inches screens, and their size and thickness are similar, but G2 is a curved shape, and S6 is a glass + border shape. Although the border has a certain degree of curvature, but the arc is still relatively small And no G2 design fits the palm more closely. G2's back arc design is very much in line with the palm curvature, which is the best 5.2 inch mobile phone in my mind.

Appearance and material

Of course, the metal material is the most exquisite texture, HTC, although the rivers and rivers, but the shell process is very good. In fact, I prefer the shape of the cobblestones pre3 and s3, but I do not know why the four corners of the HTC M8/M9 can not cause the author's goodwill, but rather the M7 is more square than Founder's appearance is more welcomed by the author.

Data / charging interface

Of course, USB Type-C, as a new generation of USB interface standard that can replace MircoUSB, USB Type-C unification will be the trend. Its positive and negative plug-in features greatly facilitate the user, no longer need to laboriously identify the positive and negative side of the USB.

System dispute

Although iOS has the best user experience, its system is relatively closed and cannot be customized as much as Android can. However, there is no doubt that the quality of iOS platform application is indeed higher, want to pass the review of the AppStore? First of all, follow Apple's design criteria. Second, you can't just call permissions, and you can't join rogue functions. The overall experience is really high.

I'm not saying that Android is not good. From the aspect of system freedom, I still prefer free Android, and there are also some well-designed applications. However, the open system and Google’s inaction resulted in the uneven application quality of Android. Domestically represented BAT represented no reason to stay in the background, but they also woken up to each other, severely consuming power and occupying system resources. If the Google Store has negative points, I will not hesitate to give BAT 100 points.

From an application experience perspective, Android really lags behind iOS. Google does not act, manufacturers do not consciously, a vicious circle formed over time. As far as the country is concerned, there are not many outstanding Android developers and the ecological environment is terrible. Plus, the amount of pirated software allows Android developers to make money. For those who are too thankless for doing too much, they are easily bored. Doing iOS development can get relatively stable income instead.

The author hopes that one day Google will manage its application ecology. For example, it will introduce an auditing mechanism to force Android Design and formal call permissions to be ordered, and non-compliance with standards will not allow Google store to be added. From the profit distribution of smart phones this year, it can be generally seen that more and more high-end users tend to choose iOS, and people are increasingly reluctant to purchase expensive Android devices. To design such a superior Samsung S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/Note5 as an example, as the best mobile phone with the best performance and photographing, S6 is still unable to escape the fate of price diving. If Google does not change Android's ecological environment as soon as possible, this trend is likely to intensify.

to sum up

Well, the above is the basis of this, ah no, I think the ideal mobile phone, Orion 8890 + 4GB LPDDR4 + 128G UFS2.0 + IMX240 + 1080P LCD screen +3500mAh battery + aluminum alloy shell, is not it! The rational size of the moderately sized configuration. Have you seen your ideal cell phone after you read it? In the message to discuss it ~

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