Philips: OLED lighting will become mainstream next year

Philips revealed that OLED will become the mainstream lighting technology by the end of 2012.

Philips communications specialist Dietmar Thomas said that the investment in OLED technology will greatly reduce the price of OLED panels, and consumers will consider using this technology as an alternative to interior design.

Philips has invested 40 million euros in a production line in Aachen, Germany, which will reduce the price of Philips' cheapest OLED components to 10 to 20 euros next year, Thomas said.

He added: "When this production line is put into production, Philips' OLED production capacity will be 10 times that of the current. The price of OLEDs we sell online now ranges from 70 euros to 800 euros, but our next OLED panel price will be next year. It will be around 50 Euros."

Thomas said: "The thickness of the OLED we are producing now is only 1.8mm, but in the future we can further compress the thickness to less than 1mm. But our goal is not to replace the traditional bulb with OLED, now people do not need to install on the ceiling On such an entire system, our focus is on showing what OLEDs are and what they can do. After two or three years, OLED applications will be more flexible and can be installed in chairs, bathtubs, or shower rooms, with both aesthetics and functionality. characteristic."

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