Radek is optimistic about the secondary optical lens market, which is expected to increase revenue by 50% this year.

After the audit of the secondary optical component manufacturer Reidke recently passed the cabinet review, the company expects to be listed on the cabinet in June. Reddike said that the company is optimistic that the growth of secondary optical lens will outperform the LED lighting market. Jumping, in the next two to three years, LED lighting industry will be the biggest winner.

The legal person estimates that Redtek will see NT$1 billion in revenue this year, and its annual revenue growth is estimated at 50%. The company’s revenue from January to February was NT$49.59 million, and the annual growth rate was as high as 74.58%. The company’s 30% capacity in Dongguan this year has rapidly increased its utilization rate to 80%. The new plant in Yangzhou is set up at US$7 million. It is expected to start trial production in June this year and enter mass production in the third quarter. The production capacity is expected to be more than double that of Dongguan, in response to the huge demand in the global market.

According to the company's analysis, since the secondary optical lens can improve the LED lighting efficiency by 20%, about 85% of the LED lighting needs secondary optical lens, especially in the case of the first year of LED lighting, whether it is first-line or second-line LED lighting. The factory, from architectural, retail, portable and other large to small LED lighting, requires secondary optical lenses to produce light-like performance similar to traditional luminaires, which is an indispensable key component for LED luminaires.

The customers of Reddike are internationally renowned companies such as Philippe and Osram. Tang Delong said that there are more than 3,000 customers in the world plus agents, and the market share of the customers is large, and the market of the company is very recent. Thanks to the Japanese LED lighting manufacturers to pull goods, to obtain 100% of the commercial lighting market in Japan, the company has a close interaction with the Chinese lighting factory, and the certification with the US lighting manufacturers will be passed in early April and early May, with the opportunity to be in the second The quarterly volume shipments will be watched for the company's operational development.

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