Samsung pays differentiated competition: release smart TV internal payment service

In the third-party payment market, South Korea's Samsung Electronics is a latecomer. In the face of Google and Apple's two payment rivals, Samsung Electronics has resorted to a means of differentiated competition. Its "Samsung Payment" products will use magnetic field technology to support more merchants.

A few days ago, Samsung Payment launched another differentiated product based on payment tools in smart TVs.

According to reports from several US technology news websites such as Mashable, Samsung Electronics announced on Wednesday that it has paid for smart TVs. In short, with Samsung payment tools, TV viewers can use the TV to browse the online store, make purchases, and make convenient payments.

According to Samsung, "Samsung Payment" in smart TVs is generally divided into three steps. In the online store, select the products to be purchased, click the button to use Samsung payment to checkout, and then enter the user password.

In the background of this payment tool, Samsung Electronics will support commercial banks' credit and savings cards and also support PayPal's account. In addition, this payment will be integrated with the smartphone, and the user will receive information about the success of the payment on the mobile phone.

In the payment account setting, the user can complete it in the smart TV, or copy the Samsung payment account in the smartphone to the TV. Copying your mobile account is the recommended way by Samsung Electronics.

In order to ensure the security of important information, Samsung Electronics has developed a virtual keyboard software tool called "Security Keyboard", which can input passwords, credit card accounts and other information on the TV.

According to reports, the Samsung payment service inside the smart TV can support the purchase of various products in the smart TV software client, including video games, etc., and the future product categories will increase.

Samsung Electronics said that the first batch of smart TV-based Samsung payments will be launched in 32 countries and regions around the world. Through software upgrades, this tool will support some of the smart TVs launched by Samsung in 2014 and 2015. model.

It is unclear exactly the exact commercial time for smart TV Samsung payments.

It should be pointed out that the "Samsung Payment" based on the smart TV, although using the same brand as the smartphone "Samsung Payment" announced earlier this year, has a huge difference in payment technology and payment model. Whether this kind of brand unification will lead to consumer confusion is still unknown.

In March of this year, Samsung Electronics released the mobile payment tool “Samsung Payment”. Samsung's payment technology is mainly from a technology company acquired in the United States. This tool utilizes magnetic field communication technology, so it can support the old magnetic stripe bank card swiping equipment in the supermarket. Like Google's Android payment and Apple payment, Samsung Payment also supports contactless NFC payment methods.

In the US market, the retail industry is developing its own mobile payment tools. The entire industry collectively resists Android payments and Apple payments. Some retailers have even closed NFC collection devices. In this context, Samsung Electronics’ support for magnetic field devices will be paid. A unique development opportunity.

However, in the mobile payment market, Samsung Electronics knows that the timing of product development and market entry is too late. At present, Google, Apple and PayPal have become the three giants in the field of mobile payment. It is not easy for Samsung Electronics to get a piece of it.

In addition, historically, Samsung Electronics is good at hardware R&D and manufacturing. In the field of software development and Internet services, this is Samsung Electronics' weakness. Previously, Samsung has closed several products in terms of digital content services and software for smartphones. Another intention of Samsung is to maintain a tacit cooperation with Google, making Google the protagonist of content services and functional services in the Android ecosystem.

It is reported that Samsung Electronics is currently the world's largest TV manufacturer. The company is taking advantage of the dominant position in the TV market to promote its own payment services, which is expected. However, in general, smart TV applications and TV-side e-commerce are still in the early stages of development, and the market size is very limited.

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