Samsung plans to push tablet PC with foldable display

For many years, whether it is an ordinary user or a high-tech manufacturer, it seems that they are full of interest and expectation for these new technologies, including flexible screens, curved screens, bendable, and foldable, and many manufacturers have already begun Try it out, and Samsung is the one with the most results. Obviously, this type of display will definitely open a door in the mobile field in the future, and its potential has fully exploded, because we have seen such devices begin to enter the market, such as Samsung ’s Galaxy Round and LG G Flex.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is preparing a revolutionary flexible display screen that is more flexible than ever, and the screen will be applied to a foldable tablet computer. The tablet will be equipped with an 8- or 9-inch OLED display screen with a resolution of 1080p in Full HD. The most amazing thing is that after the screen is folded twice, it can completely become the shape of a small-sized smartphone.

Assuming that Samsung has successfully developed a three-fold display design, it is not difficult to imagine that as a tablet with an original size of 9 inches, even after being flexibly folded twice, its size and shape are still more than traditional smartphone To be bulky, and especially worrying about thickness, the first thing that comes to mind is the wallet. So when will such an unprecedented device with a three-fold display be available? According to the news, Samsung seems to have applied for a patent on this design, and its prototype has been completed. It is currently entering the next stage of commercialization. If everything goes well, the finished product can be completed and released in early 2015.

According to plans announced by Samsung at the beginning of the year, the flexible display panel of YOUM is more of the Bended bendable feature before mid-2015, and major changes will not occur until 2016, that is, the combination of bendable and foldable features. Now, Samsung seems to have accelerated the pace of surprises.

Of course, an unprecedented product is naturally interesting, but if the three-fold screen device can really be unveiled in 2015, its price must be quite expensive, and it may also be sold only in South Korea like the test machine Galaxy Round. In addition, will Samsung adopt Android or Tizen for it? Has an application designed for the advantages of folding screens been prepared? All this is still unknown.

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