Shangyu Industrial Park, Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang

Shangyu Industrial Park in Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province is a provincial-level development zone approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, with a planned control area of ​​275 square kilometers. The park is located on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is located in the center of the three major urban circles of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. The traffic is very convenient, especially with the construction of the Hangzhou Bay Jiashao Bridge across the park, which makes the park into a 1.5-hour economy in Shanghai. The circle has become a "bridgehead" that is worthy of the name of Shanghai.


Since the establishment of the park in 1998, the built-up area has reached 21 square kilometers, forming the infrastructure of “Jiutong Yiping”, and gathered more than 150 well-known enterprises from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc. More than 10 of the top 500 listed companies and domestic and foreign companies, more than 700 million US dollars of foreign investment, the formation of mechanical equipment, electronic appliances, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The total industrial economy of the park has accounted for one-third of Shangyu City.

In the future, the park will take the high-tech industry as the forerunner, focus on the development of mechanical equipment, electronic appliances, green new energy and high-end service industries, and strive to become an important base for the Hangzhou Bay industrial belt, an important logistics center on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, modern ecological type. New Technology City.


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