Smart LED bulbs don’t have to worry about power outages anymore.

A high-end atmospheric watch is the best choice for successful men. Rich people can naturally buy expensive and accurate watches to show their extraordinary status. What should we do with these poor buddies? Simple, you can make an electronic watch yourself, but you can't read it except yourself!

The time of this LED watch is like this:

The green LED lights represent 8 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours, and 1 hour in order, and the numbers represented by the illuminated LEDs can be combined to know what time it is.

The red LEDs indicate 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 minute from left to right, respectively, and the same number of minutes can be obtained by adding up the lights.


The length of the electronic watch is like this:


When the button on the table is pressed, the LED will light up:


The only problem is that there are no diamonds with eight stars and eight arrows, and gold and platinum, so it looks like it’s completely from the garbage... cough, the appearance is not important, we value it is full of DIY and The heart of Geek spirit!

If you want to make your own children's shoes, you need to make a PIC16F628 integrated circuit, and then make the circuit according to the following figure:



It is said that the domestic watch of 75 yuan has already been realized:


Plastic Coated Electric Kettle


The original stainless steel double wall Electric Kettle. This kettle comes with 100% stainless steel interior. Outside made by plastic for protect your hand in case that the hot stainless steel will scald your hand. No plastic in contact with hot water. The spacious kettle has a volume of 1.8 liters which give ample space to boil tea, coffee or soups in minutes. Lets you boil a huge quantity of liquid at a time and helps save time and electricity.



·    Stainless Steel Body With Plastic Outside: Ergonomic in design, the electric kettle has a sturdy handle with smart contours to make your grip a firmer one. The stainless steel finish gives a glossy feel and boasts a rust-free performance. This stainless electric kettle comes with a convenient spout so that liquid can be easily poured from it directly into a container. It avoids any spillage and thus prevents your kitchen from getting messy.

·    360 degree rotational body with separated base: Enjoy the ease and convenience of cord-free serving with this stylish stainless steel kettle. Perfect for placing on the table for gatherings or leaving on the base for worry-free hot water any time of day.

·   Automatic shut off when water boils or dry: This overheat safety protection feature of the electric Kettle helps to prevent hazardous accidents. The cordless electric kettle switches off if the water inside the kettle dries up. It also saves on electricity as it uses very less power.

·   Lightweight and Portable: Carry your kettle anywhere to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea away from your home. Kettle not only looks good but maintains a high standard in terms of durability. Lightweight and its small dimensions snugly fit in your bag. Portable and small in size, this electric kettle makes a perfect travel companion.

·   Cool touch Exterior: With out cool-touch design. You`ll be able to touch the outside of the kettle even when it`s boiling. There`s no risk of getting accidentally burnt, so it`s perfect for homes with young children.




Enjoy your coffee.

Cook egg for morning.

Boil some lemon tea

Plastic Coated Electric Kettle

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