Some merchants suspected of taking home appliances to the countryside will be verified

Recently, in Changgou Town, Fangshan District, several home appliance sales stores posted announcements. As long as they rely on copies of local agricultural accounts and ID cards, they can receive an electric kettle worth tens of yuan for free. The resident Mr. Wang said that many local people went to exchange, and later learned that merchants used their certificates to receive subsidies for home appliances to the countryside.

Yesterday, the relevant staff of the municipal business committee stated that it would promptly send inspections. If the sales outlets have fraudulently subsidized, they will cancel their relevant qualifications and recover falsely subsidized funds.


Needed to buy home appliances to the countryside

“As long as it is a local agricultural account, holding an account book and ID card, you can receive an electric kettle for free.” Mr. Wang, a resident of Changgou Town, Fangshan District, said that in recent days, two or three home appliance stores in the town have launched this activity. Many people in the same village All went to get a hot water bottle.

Mr. Wang also took the account and was ready to lead the pot. The result was found to be conditional: the user must have purchased the home appliances to the countryside. In addition, in addition to the account book, you also need a copy of your ID card.

Due to concerns that the photocopies of the ID cards were taken away, Mr. Wang hesitated and questioned the other party for a copy.

“They replied that they were going to bring subsidies for home appliances to the countryside.” Mr. Wang said that now refrigerator TVs are thousands of dollars, according to the "home appliances to the countryside" subsidy 13% of the ratio, can save hundreds of dollars, but businesses It is worth noting that the eligibility of the subsidy will be changed with an electric kettle worth tens of dollars.


With a copy of the ID card to provide subsidies

Yesterday, an announcement posted at the entrance of an air-conditioned store in Changgou Town indicated that “With an agricultural account you can receive a kettle for free,” and it also clearly stated that “no users have bought air conditioners from the countryside”.

In addition to this publicly posted air-conditioned store, there are also two home appliance store staff said they can also perform free replacement activities.

"As long as we are long groove of agricultural accounts, have not bought home appliances to the countryside, they can lead." A clerk said. On the counter top, there is a 2-liter stainless steel electric kettle. "This pot is specially designed for exchange, worth more than 70 yuan."

Asked about the use of the copy of the account book and ID card, the clerk said that this can lead the subsidy for home appliances to the countryside. “The home appliances going to the countryside was cancelled only six months ago. If you don’t buy appliances in the countryside, it’s better to waste it. Pot utility."

The statement was confirmed by the clerk of another store.

An electric appliance shop owner who does not make substitutions frankly stated that there are many local or urban residents in the local area. Even if they buy a home appliance product in the countryside, they cannot enjoy subsidies. The merchants obtain these electronic identification cards and invoices for the goods in the countryside, and then use the duplicated ID cards to obtain the subsidies.

Business Commission

Field inspections will be sent

The person in charge of the market operation department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce in charge of “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” stated that they had contacted the Fangshan District Commission of Commerce and would immediately send people to check the relevant situation on the spot.

The person in charge said that according to the information provided by the reporter, the behavior of the relevant business should be suspected of fraud. If the sales network of home appliances to the countryside does not knowing about the situation, the identity information will be used to fraudulently subsidize the subsidy, and the public security agency will handle the alleged violation of the law. If the business uses things to replace and obtain residents' consent to take out subsidies, it violates the “home appliances to the countryside” related regulations, suspected of violations, the Commerce Commission will cancel its sales of home appliances to the countryside qualifications, and recover the falsely claimed.

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Home appliances

Financial subsidy for home appliances to the countryside is a subsidy for farmers to buy home appliances to the countryside.

Starting from December 2007, pilot home appliances to the countryside began to provide direct subsidies for financial products such as color TVs, refrigerators (including freezers), mobile phones, and other three types of products. From February 1, 2009, home appliances to the countryside began to spread to the country, and products are gradually involved in motorcycles, computers, water heaters, air conditioners, electric bicycles and so on.

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Subsidy for home appliances to the countryside is able to take the lead?

It is understood that the subsidy for home appliances to the countryside, before the provisions are purchased by the person holding the relevant documents, invoices and identification cards and other information, to the account of the local financial department to apply for.

Why can I apply for a sales outlet today?

In this regard, a staff member of the Economic Development Department of the Finance Bureau of Beijing Municipality stated that home appliances to the countryside have been promoted nationwide since February 1, 2009. However, due to cumbersome subsidy procedures and promotion difficulties, in order to facilitate rural consumers to get subsidies in a timely manner, Beijing in September 2009 fully implemented home appliances sales outlets to apply for subsidies and advance subsidies, consumers can be obtained at the sales outlets on the spot 13 % of state financial subsidies. Sales outlets will then receive subsidies from the relevant departments by virtue of the electronic identification cards for products going to the countryside and copies of identity cards of shoppers and copies of the accounts.

In the “Circular on Adjusting the Verification and Redemption of Subsidy Funds for Home Appliances to the Countryside” released by the Municipal Committee of Commerce and the Municipal Bureau of Finance in September 2009, relevant regulations were in place, and relevant authorities were also required to Township information system abnormal data or suspected fraudulent activities must be verified and handled in a timely manner. If fraudulent activities are found, in addition to recovering the fraudulent funds, they must also promptly take measures such as withholding bonds and disqualifications, and publicly announce the punishment results within a certain range.

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