Some production lines of BOE will be transformed into OLED panels

Recently, BOE said that the company's 5.5-generation AM OLED production line project to be built in Erdos will be capped at the end of the year. At present, the Beijing 8.5-generation line project is also undergoing technical transformation, and some production lines will be transformed into OLED panel production lines. At the same time, BOE issued a feeling of "re-giving the Chinese panel industry for three years."
In recent months, South Korea's Samsung and LG have pre-empted the next-generation display industry OLED, and the ambitions of the panel sector have been exposed. However, Chinese companies have little action in the field of OLED panels, and this reaction speed has caused industry concerns.
The global panel industry has always been a three-pronged pattern of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. At the beginning of the LCD TV, China's color TV industry was plagued by the lack of core and less screen. In recent years, with the support of national policies, China's panel display industry has experienced a process from scratch, and its development has also accelerated significantly in the past two years.

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