Storm video TV came! CEO puts a word: more than a millet a year

Storm Scientific announced its "Eco-Federal Plan" on August 18, and announced that through this plan and the previously announced "DT Grand Strategy", the storm's user level is expected to reach 150 million.

At the same time, the storm also said that the storm show and storm TV were released in October this year, and released the virtual reality one machine in November. Among them, the storm has announced that after the release of Storm TV will be more than Xiaomi sales.

"Storm Science and Technology Ecology Federation"

In Feng Xin's view, the future direction of the storm can no longer be limited to video, but use external resources such as capital to expand. He referred to this expanded ecosystem as the "storm federation of scientific and technological ecology." The Federation currently has four major components, namely, mirrors, show fields, online video, and TV. Its specific characteristics include the following two points:

1. Intra-economy enterprises develop independently, that is, storms help companies such as show companies and TV companies find suitable structures and team members, and split or establish independent company development;

2. For a business line, a "same-one-of-a-kind" strategy is adopted, and storms will no longer support other businesses of the same type. For game CPs, etc., a "same-first-priority" strategy is implemented, requiring ecological CP companies to give priority to support storms.

Feng Xin took Storm Show as an example. Prior to cooperation with Gesture Technology, Storm had drafted an A plan to acquire 5 or 6 small teams and use the rotation of the Storm video platform to increase its 30%-50% of traffic; However, the Showfield 2.0 program provided by Gesture Technology allows us to decide to support only this one project. Other show projects will not be considered again.”

This so-called "show show 2.0" plan, according to industry sources, may be combined with the storm virtual mirror for the virtual reality show plan, storm, said this product will be officially debut in October this year.

In addition to the strategic layout of the show and TV, the storm also launched Storm Cloud Video and Storm Gas Station in the first half of this year. Among them, the former mainly provides on-demand, video cloud hosting, live broadcast, and interactive live broadcast services, while the latter mainly provides download services in a state without a network.

"The storm's big strategy for DT is expected to raise the current 50 million users of the storm to 150 million. This is a traditional video site that cannot be achieved through copyright." Feng Xin believes that this magnitude is closer to BAT.

In October the line will be driven down the magic mirror

In the mid-term report, the loss of the magic mirror business greatly affected the storm performance. Feng Xin believes that the current magic mirror is still in the key stage of early investment, the current situation of the mirror is actually more optimistic than expected.

“The magic mirror has had 300,000 users since last September. The current data is 20,000 daily, the ratio is 15:1, and the general APP is 7:1”. Feng Xin said that this means that the user of the mirror is still sticky. For the higher ones, there are also 29 minutes for the average daily use time.

At the same time, Feng Xin also emphasized that offline channels will have a larger increase in sales of magic mirrors, and it is expected that they will reach 60% to 80% in the future. However, although the plan has been announced for several months, it has not yet been rolled out.

Feng Xin attributed the reason that the clerk did not keep up. “There are 15,000 to 20,000 offline stores, and even if one clerk is assigned to each shop, it is a high cost. In these stores, if there is no one selling, it is almost useless.”

To this end, Storm launched a "experience machine" program, specifically, this product based on Storm mirror modification does not require people to guide the use, but there is a dedicated panoramic video, panoramic game shortcut button, this plan It will be rolled out in batches by the end of October.

Mirror will lose further next year

In terms of products, the storm in September will release the panoramic look-taking equipment "Storm Eye", and in November it will release a virtual reality all-in-one. Among them, the price of the all-in-one machine will exceed 1,000 yuan, and the user experience will also be better than the existing glasses box program. Feng Xin will position it as a product that meets the needs of relatively niche users.

Feng Xin further expects that the magic mirror will further lose money next year. It is not until 2017 that it will be possible to make a profit. However, another fact is that “the whole industry is no longer allowed to develop freely in the storm, players like BAT and Xiaomi are expected to be in June next year. Before the real will enter the virtual reality, then there may be starting to fight money."

However, Feng Xin does not exclude the use of virtual reality to burn money. He even said that for this loss amount, the storm prepared 10 billion; in the critical content of virtual reality, he also remarked that once the virtual reality video enters the copyright wars, Storm is the first player to join.

In fact, Youku Tudou and iQiyi also clearly stated that they will enter the virtual reality content industry. Feng Xin disagreed with this, "from the beginning to actually do it, it takes a time window period", and the amount of users accumulated by the storm may create a barrier, but he also admitted that for the moment, to next year six It is hard to predict how many users will have Moon Mirror in the end.

Storm TV: One year sales will be ultra-small millet

Prior to this, Storm Technology announced that it will join Haier’s Sunsun, Aofei Animation and Sannuo Electronics to enter the Internet TV industry. Now Liu Yiping, CEO of Storm TV, has publicly stated that the first TV will be officially unveiled this October.

According to the storm, Storm's offline channels will cover 6,000 cities, with 17,000 experience stores and 30,000 retail stores. According to Liu Yaoping, Storm TV's pre-sales service and installation services will be stronger than its friendly counterparts, and sales of offline platforms will also exceed 50%.

“Haier, the predecessor of Stormwind TV, commanded TV and sold 410,000 units last year. After the release of Storm TV in October this year, sales will certainly exceed Xiaomi in one year,” Liu Yaoping said.

In terms of product features, unlike other Internet TVs, Storm TV is said to be based on cost-effectiveness, featuring features such as design and scene optimization. On the charging model, Liu Yaoping said that although the storm will adopt the same video aggregation model as Xiaomi, the storm will introduce a membership system similar to Letv TV. “We have a clear account-sharing mechanism to ensure membership fees and single-fee fees. Proceed smoothly."

In addition, the resources provided by Alpha Animation to Storm TV are mainly based on service features. “For example, the launch of custom channels on Storm TV, the cooperation between animation and copyright will also be carried out.” For Sannuo Electronics, Liu Yaoping stated that in the industry, In terms of design and acoustics, the company will participate in it. “The chief is to provide the basis for channels and logistics. The product team will be formed on the basis of the commander. The members also include some employees of Sannuo and Konka.”

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