Tablet PC market is about to usher in spectacular scenes

Even if a new generation of iPad is listed on schedule today, the data shows that Apple’s market share in the global tablet PC is declining. According to a study released last month by data research agency IHS iSuppli, the market share of Apple iPad fell from 64% to 57% in the fourth quarter of 2011 due to the impact of low-priced tablet PCs and the impact of the iPhone 4S launch. Data show that Apple iPad shipments reached 15.43 million units in the fourth quarter, an increase of 39% compared to the same period last year. The number of shipments reached 40.493 million units in 2011, with a market share of 62%; and Amazon, Samsung, B&N and ASUS were ranked Second to fifth places.

Although Apple will release a new generation of iPad 3 tablet computers and continue to be the global leader in the tablet PC market, Apple’s share of the global tablet PC market will continue to decline.

It is reported that the first impact on the Apple iPad is Amazon's Kindle, its 7-inch tablet, coupled with low-cost strategy, making it sold nearly 4 million units worldwide last year. The global market, in addition to Amazon's tablet is Android system, as well as including China's many Android Tablet PC manufacturers have to find new market segments, Lenovo launched a thousand dollars for ordinary consumers Tablet PC.


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