Teach you how to distinguish between genuine and fake original headphones

[ Headphone wholesale ] I believe that for the big guys, there are original plots for the electronic products that are purchased, even if they are not comfortable. Those seemingly worthless original headphones into the store will be worth twice. In front of a huge user base, everything is possible. You do not buy, does not mean that most people will not buy. It is precisely because of this interest that many unscrupulous merchants have replaced the refurbished machines and sold new ones according to the new ones. This has become a very common thing. There are many people who are looking for cheaper consumers.

Even if it was discovered by the buyer, the refreshed online shopping return would only cost him a little postage, and the daily sales would be so good. It would be normal for one or two to retreat. Many people in the entity are harassed by the face, and there is not much to think about. More pits without knowing it, full of joy to buy a new machine. Today we use Samsung headsets as a starting point to compare high imitation with original ones. To defend our original complexes and original headsets that actually only worth more than 20 yuan.

Do not know, do not know, a few are still scared, a small headset from a visual point of view has as many as 7 different, then high imitation may not be able to fully take into account, under the magnifying glass high imitation of the original show.

Ear shell decoration

Samsung's original headset uses a dazzling line as a decoration, which requires high precision for production machines. The number of left-hand high-imitation turns is significantly sparse, with the letter "R" marking a rough, incomplete edge.

2, ear handle text

Although the pure black polished plastic ears have the same visual appearance, in terms of text imprinting, the left high imitation text is incomplete and the color is dark, and the font of "SAMSUNG" [ headphone brand ] is also different. If you think there is no reference on the scene, you may wish to pick up the phone packaging box, the headset and the box font must be the same.

3, catheter

This position of the catheter is the biggest place for the entire headset to break. Due to the poor craftsmanship, the circle of high-mimicking earphone catheters is not regular, there are more edges, the filter also needs plastic structure support, and the interface of the ear shell is not polished. In contrast, genuine headsets must be organized in every detail.

4, inverted hole

The inconspicuous inverting hole was directly ignored by the high imitation headphones. After all, the cost is the first appearance. The high-imitation headphone's vocal requirement is naturally based on the ability to speak out.

5, earmuffs

In-ear structure earmuffs are the most direct contact part with the skin, once it is the inferior material of the horse, it is possible to induce ear inflammation, the consequences are very serious! The original earphone material is delicate, and shiny in the light; high The surface of the replica is rough.

6. Branch line

Again, the details of the original earphones were more meticulous, and the corresponding small labels were added at the sub-line.

7, remote control connection

The original earphone protects the earphone's anti-pulling effect. The on-line control connection additionally adopts a soft adhesive material and can form a certain bending. The high copy product is a plastic one, and once bent, the plastic interface at the interface becomes the culprit of breaking the wire.

In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish whether or not the earphone is original, and it is difficult to have a standard in mind. All kinds of original earphones actually have common characteristics. The original earphone no matter how bad the sound quality is, at least the workmanship is still possible. As for fakes, many details cannot be compared with the original headphones. Since you want to buy original earphones, you shouldn't hold a fluke. If you find something wrong, it's better to have a question mark in your heart.

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