Tender Notice for Construction of Four Newly Reconstructed Road Light Projects in Urban Area

Tender number:-
Tendering agent:-
Owner: Xuchang City Street Light Management Office registration deadline: 2009-05-31
Region: Henan Industry: Water Conservancy Bridge Construction

Project Name: Four new roads in the urban area. Construction unit: Xuchang City Street Light Management Office Project Registration Number: 2009-05-21-92
Registration start time: 0:00, May 22, 2009 Registration deadline: May 31, 2009, 17:00 Bidding method: Public bidding project Area: Xuchang City Source: Financial allocation Contact: Zhang Shuan, Li Songyue Venue: Xuchang City Tendering and Bidding Trading Center Tel, 13700892467

Pre-qualification conditions for bidding conditions Pre-qualification conditions Details: 5 boxes, 339 roads for civil works and installation locations: North Street (East Street - Jian'an Avenue), North Section of Warehouse Road (Yingchang Road - Xinxing Road), Warehouse Road South Duan (Xuyue Road - Rebecca Avenue), Bayi Road (Yan'an Road - Wenfeng Road)
Registration conditions:
1. The bidding enterprise must have the qualifications of the general contracting enterprise for power engineering construction of Grade 3 and above or the qualification of the contracting enterprise of the second-level or above city and road lighting engineering or the qualification of the professional contracting enterprise of the third-level or above transmission and transformation engineering.
2. Bidders must have the ability to respond within 8 hours and rush to the scene to resolve unexpected problems.
3. When registering, you must register with the original of the relevant documents such as the legal person's power of attorney, the applicant's ID card, legal person's card, business license, qualification certificate, and safety production license, and a copy of the official seal.
This project is subject to qualification review.
Bidders who meet the registration requirements will receive the bidding documents on the spot.
Note: The original bidding announcement and the bidding unit that has already participated in the registration are still valid, and the inconsistency in the content of the announcement is subject to the current one.

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