Thailand promotes LED lighting popularity, the price of each lamp is controlled at 25 yuan

A few days ago, the National Power Supply Bureau Director of Thailand said that Thailand’s electricity consumption in the first four months of this year has experienced a negative growth of 1%, which is in line with the current economic situation. It is predicted that the domestic electricity consumption will increase by 2% for the whole year. The Power Supply Bureau continued to promote the popular use of LED energy-saving lamps in the public. It intends to intervene in the market price of LED tubes, and control the price of lamps to 120-130 baht per unit. According to the latest baht to RMB exchange rate, That is equivalent to 23 yuan - 25 yuan.

The director said that in the first quarter of this year, the country's economic growth was negative, and the same amount of domestic electricity consumption appeared. It is expected that the political situation will be resolved and the economic development will be restored. At the same time, the Power Supply Bureau strives to promote the use of energy-saving LED tubes in the public to improve the efficiency of electricity consumption and save power. The use of LED tubes can increase the efficiency of electricity by 50-70%.

After communicating with the National Office of Alternative Energy and Energy Protection, it is proposed to use the Energy Conservation Promotion Fund to stimulate the replacement of LED lamps, intervene in the LED lamp market price, and control the level of 120-130 每 per lamp. At present, the number of LED tubes that have been certified by the National Power Saving Efficiency No. 5 standard is about 820,000. Coupled with the promotion of the government department, it is estimated that the popular use rate of LED tubes will further increase and the effect of saving more power will be received. .

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