The concept of hype is how consumers choose washing machines?

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the promotion of government measures such as home appliances to the countryside, washing machines have become a must-have item in public life. Looking at the entire washing machine market, products range from pulsator type to drum type, from ordinary double barrels to semi-automatic double barrels to fully automatic barrels, from constant frequency to variable frequency, from individual to intelligent terminals, allowing consumers to pick The dazzling. Vendors promoted products and played a price war and concept war. This phenomenon is particularly prominent on high-end drum washing machines. The concept of 3D positive and negative washing, core frequency conversion, smart washing, rapid washing, silver ions, etc. are all filled with the entire market. Consumers are confused by hype and wonder how to choose. Is the concept of hype really worth paying high attention and high sales? Things were counterproductive. The washing machine market was shrinking in the first two months of this year. In January, washing machine sales fell by as much as 37.9% year-on-year.

Recently, the reporter visited Gome, Suning and other large home appliance chain stores, through a random interview with consumers found that most consumers do not understand or even know nothing about the concept of the company speculation, only through shopping guide introduction to easily determine the purchase. According to relevant network surveys, 74% of consumers think that when they purchase a washing machine, they are confused by the shopping guide, and the purchased washing machine is not easy to use. For example, some brand's main concept of fast speed wash, 25 minutes to complete the washing process, but the degree of cleanliness is really not flattered, and even there are 15 minutes, 10 minutes quick wash, the result can be imagined. Such examples abound, the concept of speculation makes consumers miserable.

The tide of May Day promotion is coming, and many consumers are ready to purchase washing machines during the small holiday. In order to provide the basis for consumers to purchase washing machines, the reporter interviewed industry experts. Experts said that the purchase of washing machines must first determine the price, use, consumers need to buy the most suitable washing machine according to their own income levels and needs, not to be misled by the market speculation concept. Secondly, the washing machine's cleanliness, wear, and capacity of the clothes are the most important indicators for the purchase of washing machines. After all, clothes washing is the bounden duty of washing machines. The consumer needs to determine the capacity of the selected machine based on the weight of each wash; if more expensive clothes are often washed, choose a machine that wears less on the clothes. Again, energy saving, water saving, and low noise are also aspects to consider when choosing a washing machine. In particular, after the implementation of the ladder price, the water-saving washing machine will save consumers a large number of hidden costs. Of course, the appearance and design of the washing machine should also be matched with the home decoration design.

From the reporter’s point of view, consumers must focus on the purchase of washing machines. For the current main force of consumption - young white-collar workers, there are more fashionable clothes and less time. They may all concentrate on weekends. They need to pay special attention to the washing time when they purchase washing machines. Under the premise of ensuring cleanliness, machines with shorter washing time can save them valuable leisure time and enjoy life.

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