The difference between single-core 5050 chip power and three-core 5050 patch

1, single core 5050 SMD LED is the actual application of the latest research results
2. It is an upgraded replacement product for the three-core product, which solves many inherent problems of the three-core product itself.
3. It solves the color shift problem of the three-core product. The reason why the three-core product has color shift is that the phosphor caused by the thermal expansion and contraction deviates from the center of the chip, resulting in blue light leakage, uneven color temperature, and color shift.
4, it solves the problem of high component failure rate caused by many components of the three core products and many soldering feet
5, it solves the problem of high light decay of the three-core products, because the three cores are packaged by small power chips, the high-end products are made of 10mil*18mil chips, and the mid-range is made of 9mil chips. do. As the size of the chip increases, the light fade tends to zero, which is why the street light uses a high-power chip. In fact, it sacrifices lumen light, reduces light decay, and prolongs life.
6, it solves the reliability problem, which is the most important factor for street lamps to use high-power chips. The low power lamp has a high probability of dead lights.
7, our single core uses a large size chip, the area is 7 times the area of ​​the mid-range chip, greatly improving the reliability
8, our single-core product thermal resistance is much lower than the three-core products, which is very contributing to the product's life, heat dissipation, and light efficiency.
9. Our company adopts led fluorescent lamp produced by single core 5050. After 4 hours and 24 hours of continuous operation, there is no light decay problem. See the copy for specific test data.
10 The LED fluorescent lamp produced by our company has been replaced for 3 years. This is the only manufacturer that promises three years of replacement.
11 to achieve the same light cost of lumens, our highest, the market has not seen such low light decay products
12 Our single core 5050 has a lumens of 20 lumens at 60 mAh.
13 single core color rendering index, above 80, ordinary three-core color rendering index is unstable, with temperature changes
In short, single-core products meet and exceed the quality of the three-core high-end products, with high cost performance and stability, is the dominant direction of the market in the future, currently mainly for high-end customers

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