The "LED Mounter" project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences broke through the core key technologies

The "LED Mounter" project undertaken by the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of the Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences has broken through the core technologies of precise positioning, multi-axis coordinated motion control and automatic pick-up correction under high-speed motion, and has entered the trial stage.

The placement machine can meet the elastic demand of LED lighting manufacturers. It is suitable for the production of standard 600/1200mm LED fluorescent tubes (T8, T5), covering all LED related products such as LED lights, hoses, patio lights and so on. At the same time, the placement machine provides high flexibility programming capability, so that the operator can adjust the placement mode according to different BIN value LED components to ensure the uniformity of the terminal product.

This machine is made of material nozzle for different component characteristics. It has high wear resistance and is equipped with shrapnel design to reduce the impact on the LED surface during mounting. It can also be mounted with general RC or SOP electronic components. The mounting component range is 0805~ 24*18mm, mounting speed up to 8000CPH, is a high-cost automatic placement machine.

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