The rise of factories in mainland China, the mobile phone chip factory reshuffle

In the past, in the global telecommunications industry, ZTE and Huawei in the mainland were only known for low-cost telecommunications end products and feature phones. However, since the second half of last year, the mainland has set off a craze of thousands of yuan in smartphones. Neglected smartphone supplier. For smartphone chip manufacturers, mainland mobile phone manufacturers have become the main battlefield this year, and ZTE and Huawei are the key indicators of the global smartphone market in the future.

According to a report on the 28th of the Business Times, according to statistics from market research agency Gartner, Huawei's smartphone shipments reached 16 million last year, making it the ninth largest smartphone brand in the world. ZTE's smartphone shipments reached 11 million last year, ranking 10th in the world, and the sales of smartphones of the two major brands have increased significantly by five times compared with 2010.

The key to ZTE's and Huawei's rapid growth in smartphone shipments last year is that the mainland is pushing 1,000 to 1,500 yuan, equivalent to about 250 US dollars, low-cost smartphones.

The market survey agency estimated that the global market for US $ 200-300 mobile phones was only 41 million last year, but with the boost of demand in emerging markets, it will reach 206 million in 2016. ZTE and Huawei are considered to be under the low-price wave The biggest beneficiary brand.

The rise of ZTE and Huawei has been mixed for the mobile phone chip vendors MediaTek and Qualcomm, which have been playing the world all the way. The good news is that the foundation of good relations in the past will turn into a better opportunity to follow the global trend and expand market share; worryingly, ZTE and Huawei have become A-level customers in the eyes of all mobile phone chip manufacturers, except MediaTek and Qualcomm both want to enter the other party's existing market. The latecomers including Broadcom, Intel, Weirui, Hengtong Hi-Tech, Morningstar, Spreadtrum, etc. all also grab orders in high-spec methods. In order to grab orders from ZTE and Huawei, competition will become fiercer.

Taking ZTE as an example, relying on the strength of the country and high-quality lees, it has established good relations between telecom operators in various markets, and gradually expanded the global market share, and gradually entered the European and American markets from emerging countries. According to reasoning, it is better to follow ZTE's mobile phone chip second-generation MediaTek all the way. However, Gaotong has been deeply cultivating the mainland's infrastructure for the past 10 years, and has already wired ZTE's future 3G and 4G products. Even the competition between Huawei's chip suppliers is almost the same. Is it an old comrade or a new partner? Can new players enter the ranks of ZTE's 3G smartphone chip supply? The current battle is fierce, and everything is still undecided, and it is worthy of close observation by the market.

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