The TCP / IP protocol stack program independently developed by Sang Rong Company has obtained national copyright protection

The TCP / IP protocol stack program independently developed by Sang Rong Company has obtained national copyright protection

The TCP / IP protocol stack independently developed by Sang Rong Company is stable, reliable and complete in function. In June 2003, it obtained the copyright registration certificate of the National Copyright Administration (registration number: 2003SR4845). For companies that have obtained copyright protection, the software of Sangrong's protocol stack has always been at the domestic leading level.
â—‹ Sang Rong Company became a key high-tech enterprise supported by Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau. After its establishment, Sang Rong Company successfully moved into Xiamen High-tech Incubation Park. Support, as the only manufacturer in Xiamen to develop, produce and sell wireless communication terminals in the GPRS / CDMA industry, Sang Rong Company has become a key high-tech enterprise supported by the Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau.
â—‹ Saro GPRS / CDMA DTU software launches various versions such as "semi / full transparent link" according to the actual needs of customers Yes: onelink version, manylink version, single IP version, primary and secondary IP version, primary and secondary IP controllable version, Telnet version,
Remote maintenance version, UDP protocol version, etc., customers can according to their actual technical needs to
http: // download Saro software by yourself.
â—‹ Sang Rong's products have been fully upgraded and Saro1010P industry version industrial grade GPRS DTU has been launched
Since the establishment of the company, Sang Rong Technology has successively launched Saro1000P, Saro1000EP and other models of GPRS DTU.
Widely used in environmental protection, electricity, water conservancy, tap water, meteorology, industrial control, oil field, finance, lottery, municipal administration and other industries,
For the domestic wireless transmission and remote monitoring, Saro series products have won the trust of customers with stable and reliable, perfect functions, flexible customization, and comprehensive services. In order to better meet the needs of customers in various actual use environments, Saro Rong company has launched a completely industrial-grade industry professional version of GPRS DTU, model Saro1010P, built-in software can be customized according to industry needs.
â—‹ Saro GPRS DTU has realized remote program control / maintenance function (support dynamic domain name resolution DDNS)
Sang Rong's Saro GPRS / CDMA DTU product software function realizes the convenient remote parameter setting function, providing customers with the convenience of setting parameters such as IP and baud rate at a long distance, avoiding the trouble of customers visiting the terminal site in person.
The professional-level dynamic domain name resolution function supports dynamic IP addresses (public) and various broadband access methods, just like having a fixed public IP address, and easily publish various Internet services.

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