This homemade VR puzzle game made Einstein scared...

This homemade VR puzzle game made Einstein scared... From Baidu VR

In the most recent period of time, we can often see the domestic VR games put on the shelves or directly on the Steam platform. And many domestic games, the night sky is very good. There are many games outside of some of the crude shabby works that are worth playing and recommending. Today, the night sky comes to mind for everyone to introduce, it is also a VR work from domestic manufacturers, called - "VR: The Puzzle Room" (VR: The Puzzle Room).

This is a two promotional video

When you see the name, everyone knows it: This is a puzzle-solving VR game. Remember the previously played Flash puzzle game "Crimson Room"? This game has some similarities. Players are looking for a variety of props in the closet and eventually find ways to escape from the room. At present, there are only two chambers in the game, and developers are committed to adding to the four chambers after they are online.

Through the promotion video, we can see that the developers are really very bad creatures, and this game is full of humorous stems. For example, on the screen of a computer, the screen after the blue screen of win10 is directly displayed, and Einstein, who spits out his tongue on the puzzle piece, appears. Let players feel deeply malicious in the pain of puzzle solving.

The game is currently registered with Steam's favored light. Like friends can go for support. However, the night sky is now more worried about the process of the game, and the room escape game will be very boring. It is an important issue. No matter what, I hope to see the developer give us these players a perfect answer.

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