Ultra long-range assists: DELL Dell 7000 R1605S 14.0-inch micro-frame laptop upgrade and recommend, regret.

As a saying, I hope that when everyone looks at the following content, it is worthwhile to ignore the nonsense.

Fuel 7000 is very good, can satisfy all your dreams.

Often asked around the small partner to recommend a variety of electronic products, laptop computers can be considered high-frequency products. In fact, from my own obsession in terms of, or like the ThinkPad this brand, but unfortunately the US conscience business in recent years is too much to do. And the result of the zuo result is that the iron throne is not insured and was taken down by HP (this is all nonsense, you guys know ~~~~). So in the last 1 to 2 years, the More and more will recommend some other brands, which DELL's recent generations of products are often recommended. I now use the M5510, and like the XPS13, 15 are also often recommended to a friend's alternative.

Today's protagonist is DELL's fuel 7000. The specific information can refer to the following link.

Dell DELL burning 7000 R1605S14.0-inch micro-frame laptop (i5-7200U 8GB 256GB SSD HD620 Win10) Silver 4999 yuan Dell 7000 R1605S Dell is the notebook launched in 2016, belonging to the Ling Yue product line, which is also the first Dell micro frame Design decentralized to Ling Yue series. Metal body, diamond cutting process, 7mm panoramic micro-frame design, 14-inch (1920x1080) full HD IPS backlit display, body thickness of only 18.95mm, weighs only 1.649kg. Equipped with the seventh-generation Intel Core i5-72 Jingdong direct link View Encyclopedia

This computer is recommended for the sister who is far away in Tianjin. At that time, the version of i57200U plus a computer bag was 4799. A simple evaluation, this computer is basically very consistent with the current mainstream needs:

Narrow, narrow, narrow, it's important

The narrow side of the general design is a narrow edge design on the left and right, the entire frame is 7mm, the benefits of this design, in addition to beautiful, the most important is the overall size of the control, simply put, is the appearance of 14-inch, 15-inch screen , 13-inch appearance, 14-inch screen. This sentence may be a bit gargle, simply put, is the normal 14-inch notebook appearance size, you can hold a 15.6-inch screen, the appearance of a 13-inch notebook, you can hold A 14-inch screen, so that under the premise of ensuring visualization, the entire computer can be made more compact. This idea is similar to the larger and larger screen of a mobile phone, but it is just on the road.

2 basic configuration is reasonable

Seventh-generation i5 processor, including Intel HD620 integrated graphics (Here is a joke, there is evaluation, this graphics card running more than 960mx, optimistic, is running sub-~~), 8G memory. 256GB SSD Backlit keyboard. The focus is on 3D, weight 1.69kg

Here is the beginning of remote assists

The front also said. This notebook is recommended to a sister in Tianjin, the characteristics of the sister is that only look at the value, the other is not care, but she (my sister is very soft, will paint, single, single, you want to ) Also to deal with some video, put what online courses or something, so get later and found that storage is not so full. Want to upgrade the storage. I read this computer on the Internet disassemble diagram, is to upgrade the hard disk, here Focus on Tucao what do not fly DELL customer service (DELL customer service has always been unreliable, this is why I do not like this brand, but unfortunately Adou not defying ah), DELL customer service and Tianjin service stations can not be upgraded because it is Superbook, ultra-thin book, can not be upgraded. In particular, Tianjin Railway Station's customer service is even more shameless, nothing at all, then flickered sister bought a 399 service card, to provide what installed system services. Reluctant to say Premium Support, It is simply LOW S.

No way, the regular path is uncertain, or is it a long-range assist, with the SFG story of the previous Macbook (yes, I know you don't know, but I tell you, I don't write because Aunt Zhang’s Xiaobian review is too strict ) Direct SF to Daqing to deal with me.

PS: Everyone notices that Shunfeng Computer is definitely a land transport. If you have the ability, you can disable the built-in battery. This is better and will be mentioned later. At the same time, SFG looks like it requires original packaging and transportation. It also checks the screen. .

Get the computer to start the disassemble work, simple to the absence of the Pentagon and Hexagon screws see below:

An important step before dismantling is to power off. The previous era was to remove the battery, and now this build-in mode is to enter the bios to disable the built-in battery.

The three screws in the red circle have anti-lost design and cannot be completely unscrewed. I did not follow this picture and found a schematic on the Internet. The actual machine is a screw in the middle, not two. After unscrewing, it can be disassembled. When you open the D surface, when you remove it, you have a little trick. Put the notebook together and start the splitting from the screen axis. You can open the place behind the heat dissipation window and you can open it up. It's best not to use a crowbar. .

You can see these small clips are plastic clips, the entire D-side frame is fastened by this clip, pay attention to reasonable force, do not use brute force.

After the entire D surface is opened, it looks like this:

As you can see, we can upgrade is two parts, one is the red hard disk part, here you can use the normal 2.5 sata hard drive, DELL is quite kind at this point, to be equipped with a row that can directly connect the hard disk Line, glued to the motherboard. Another part is the memory, this is also quite kind of leave an empty slot, simply upgrade together.

Taking into account the space problem, hard disk I directly selected a 7mm notebook hard drive.

SEAGATE 2.5 inch 1T 5400 rpm 128M SATA6 7mm laptop hard drive (ST1000LM048) 399 yuan Jingdong direct link

Memory would also like to go from the tea house, after all, fast, but helpless small obsessive-compulsive disorder, want to buy the same brand parameters, the result is not available, only Taobao. The advantage is that 8G memory can be cheaper than 100 dollars.

When installing the hard disk, we must pay attention to this place, the cable is very fragile, I pondered the fold of the line, it should be placed on the hard disk below the most reasonable, at the same time:

In this position of the D surface, a sponge is prefabricated, so that some flexible fixing can be added on the basis of the screw fastening to reduce the shock damage when the hard disk may be rigidly collided. This can effectively protect the hard disk.

At this point, assists ended.

Packing express back to Tianjin.

in conclusion:

The design of the machine itself is good, all parts are relatively balanced, there is room for DIY upgrades, there is no particularly obvious short board, after the upgrade, the speed, capacity, weight are in a good standard. Belong to about 5k, very worth recommending The model.

The only thing that I think is not very good is that if the M2 interface is to support NVme just fine. But the actual feeling is not obvious, it is a little regret.

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