Upstream and downstream collective efforts, LED lighting is expected to break out in 2012

Text / "High-tech LED" reporter Hu Yanling

Some people think that two years ago, Philips and other large lighting companies still took a wait-and-see attitude toward LED lighting products. Last year, multinational companies such as Philips and Osram also launched LED conceptual lighting products, starting from the end of 2010. We see these companies are beginning to work in the LED lighting market. They not only increased the investment in the LED lighting product line, but also promoted LED lighting in various occasions.

In 2010, Japan competed for the top spot in the global LED lighting market penetration competition. According to the forecast of relevant market agencies, the proportion of local LED lighting in the overall lighting market in 2010 has reached nearly 10%. In 2011, after the strong earthquake of March 11th, the demand for LED lighting in the Japanese people rose sharply. Power saving is no longer just a slogan. It has become a fact. The industry generally estimates that Japanese LED lighting can increase by 30% this year.

Sure enough, on June 20th, Philips Electronics Japan announced that the company's LED lighting sales in the entire Japanese market is likely to reach 50% in the summer of 2011. In the overall global lighting business of the Royal Philips Electronics Group of the Netherlands, the LED lighting business accounted for 13% in 2010 and is expected to reach 50% by 2015. The Japanese company of the company achieved the group's overall goal four years ahead of schedule.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, recently pointed out: "LED lighting not only saves energy and saves electricity, but also is a highly profitable product. At present, the giants are actively deploying and trying to seize the commanding heights of the market, and the LED world war is about to break out."

2012 is expected to become the critical point of LED lighting outbreak

In 2010, the global LED lighting penetration rate was less than 3%. What caused the LED lighting penetration rate to be low? Perhaps most people will answer: price! Indeed, the price of traditional lighting products several times or even dozens of times has discouraged many consumers. However, how to actively promote and guide, let end consumers discover the advantages of LED, rather than being limited to price, is the top priority of enterprises.

"LED power saving advantages are obvious. Take our own factory as an example. Our office lighting areas and factories use LED lighting products. The monthly electricity bill saves 37.5% compared with the previous traditional lighting. Ordinary consumers buy LED bulbs, one In two years, the cost can be recovered, and an LED bulb cannot be used for one or two years.” Liu Bangyan, general manager of Yiguang Electronics Production Group, told Gaogong LED reporter. At the same time, he also revealed that with the improvement of technology, the market will be next year. LED bulbs with a price of around RMB 50 can be displayed.

According to research data from the High-Tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), LED bulb prices are falling at a rate of 15%-20% per year. "When the price of LED reaches the critical point of 1.5 times the price of energy-saving lamps, the market will start quickly." Zhang Xiaofei said.

Of course, in addition to the price and the traditional lighting products are competitive, the advantages of LED itself will also play an important role. Fudai Tuo, general manager of Shanghai Nichia Electronic Chemicals, said in an interview with Gaogong LED reporter: "If the product has the comprehensive advantages of light efficiency + quality + cost, the market share and influence of LED lighting will be greater. improve."

The industry generally expects that 2012 will become the critical point of LED lighting explosion.

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