Warm and loving affectionate box suitable for the elderly to use

On April 6, 2016, the Mango Moonlight Box Kaibol H10 officially landed at Jingdong Mall. The author was fortunate to get a tenth anniversary special commemorative trial. So let me try it for you and see if this month's Guangbao box is as good and convenient as the manufacturer's promotion.

First of all, unboxing:

Kraft paper minimalist packaging, environmental protection atmosphere.

Open the package, all the main and auxiliary parts are as follows

Champagne gold matte box body, hdmi cable, power cord and remote control and battery. The CVBS line alone is missing. Although most of the new TV sets now have HDMI interfaces, it is not ruled out that some elderly people do not have TVs on their homes. This is something that manufacturers should consider again.

Dual antenna design, I mistakenly thought it was a wireless route ah ~ ~ ha ha ha, but it turns out that the real two-antenna grab network speed is still good. Followed by the cvbs interface, dual USB interface, rj45 network cable interface, hdmi interface, power interface and power switch.

Next, we received television:

The blue light is on and the technology is full.

Start directly into the ui-specific boot wizard for elderly and children:

Follow the prompts to set up the box step by step:

1. Language setting

2. Screen settings

3. Network settings

Here I choose wireless settings

Find the wireless route signal to your home and enter the password.

connection succeeded.

4. The next interface introduction This will introduce a new feature of the Qiu Xiang UI.

5. The next family photo album feature is unique to our Mango Moonlight Box. We took out the mobile phone and used the WeChat scan function to add the public number of “Kabo Family Photo Album”.

6. After setting up the study, we officially started using the Moonlight box.

Almost all functions have been displayed on the home screen. I believe that you can use your remote control to click on whether you want to watch TV or watch a movie or a variety show. The real fool-style operation is the operating experience we want to bring to us in the autumn UI.

Since we are called the Mango Moonlight Box this month, we must play the superior advantage of Mango TV. With the genuine authorization of Mango TV, one of the seven licensees authorized by SVA, our Mango Moonlight Box has a huge amount of exclusive copyrighted content.

Mango Moonlight Box has a unique family photo album function. We can use the buttons on the remote control to directly access the menu. Wechat account addition, we have added one before the boot settings, if you need to add several accounts, repeat the previous steps on the line.

I'll take a micro signal here to give you a demo.

We now see that there is nothing in the album. Next, we have to take out the mobile phone, log on to WeChat, and pretend that we are not at home. We are sending photos to distant family members. On the WeChat find the public number of the “Kabo Family Photo Album” just added, and then send the photo we want to send to the “Kabo Family Photo Album”.

After sending, the system automatically prompts "Your photo... Thank you for using WeChat photo album". This means that the transmission was successful.

At this time, we look at the TV:

The photos just sent have already been displayed. Click on any one to enlarge

Press the left and right buttons to achieve full screen, next function.

The biggest benefit of this feature is that if someone in your family is away from home, or if you live in a different city with your parents, this feature will make it easy for parents who do not use their mobile phones to easily see your photos. Let them feel at ease and feel at ease.

Parents travel out and can also send photos back. The so-called affection box is such that everyone can still be intimate even if separated by thousands of miles.

The requirement for the elderly to use the TV box is simple, but for the children, the control eye is needed. Watching television for a long time is a very big damage to the children's eyes. So Mango Moonlight Box also helped us to consider this issue and added the child lock function.

What can be seen for children, what can not be shown to them, just set it. Really considerate functional design.

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to sum up:

After a few days of trials, the mango moonlight box gave me the feeling that the appearance was stable and generous, and the operation was simple and easy to use. The old man in the family tried it out and said it would be used. The dual antenna design makes the wireless network signal stronger and more stable, and is not afraid of being grabbed by other devices. Parsing 4k and other high-definition video, there is no pressure. If you can work with a 4k HDTV or a projector, the effect will be better. Slightly regrettable is that the memory and hard disk can only reach the current mainstream level. If the memory is larger, running some large-scale APPs will be much smoother. With the addition of family-friendly features, photo shooting becomes even easier, whether it is local or remote, it is easy to cast screens, so that people living in different places are no different from living together. It is a loving affectionate box suitable for buying for the elderly.

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