What are the configuration methods of common conference microphones?

The conference microphone seems to be a simple individual. Actually, it is a powerful audio-visual system composed of a variety of rich instruments. According to the different needs of customers, the conference system can exert its greatest advantage. There are three ways to configure a current conference microphone:

1. Conference microphone + mixer

The main application is in the occasions where the sound quality is high. It has the advantage of relatively good timbre reduction, but the number of microphones in this way should not be too much, generally about 100 square meters. If the number of conference microphones increases, the problem of howling is inevitable. If the processing equipment is used to solve the problem, not only the sound quality is sacrificed, but the sound gain is also not improved. In this way, the advantages of this configuration are also turned into a disadvantage. Secondly, if this configuration method is added to the processor to resist the howling, the overall cost will increase, and the price/performance ratio is not high in the other two ways; again, as the most traditional conference speaking mode, its functions cannot be expanded, such as intelligent meeting. Management, camera tracking, simultaneous interpretation and other functions. This method still has practical applications, mainly used in lecture halls, training halls and other places.

Traditional conference system microphone connection diagram

2. Conference microphone + smart mixer or conference microphone + audio processor

The conference microphone + smart mixer is mainly used in the case where the number of microphones is large (more than 5) and the project cost is not too high. The advantage of this configuration is that the howling is suppressed to a certain extent, and the microphone of the conference site can be intelligently managed at a certain time. The camera tracking function can be realized through the central control or camera tracking processing, but the disadvantages are also obvious. First, each microphone must be A microphone line, the more the number of microphones, the more wires need to be laid, the construction commissioning work is very large; the second sound gain is improved, but usually the effect of a dozen microphones is still not ideal; The intelligent management of the conference site has been realized, but to expand the functional requirements of other conference sites, it is still necessary to implement other functional devices, and the cost performance is not too high. This method is mainly used in video conferences where there are not many people, small conference rooms where audio and video signals need to be recorded, large interactive training rooms, and interview halls.

3. Hand in hand digital conference microphone mode

The main applications are in the large number of microphones, from small conferences with several conference microphones to large conferences with hundreds of conference microphones. It can realize voice speech from single voice speech to multi-language speech. It can set or manage software settings through the hardware itself at the conference site, effectively manage the conference, and expand the functions such as check-in, voting, and embedded installation. The advantage is that the comprehensive function of the meeting needs to be satisfied, and the effect of the meeting can be effectively controlled; the wiring is convenient, and a dedicated digital conference microphone line can connect about 20 microphones; the control mode is flexible; the expandability is strong, the cost performance is high . Although the sound quality of a single microphone is not as good as the first method, the overall effect is better than the first method with the same number of microphones. This method has been widely used in various types of conference venues and has become the mainstream configuration for conference speeches.

Hand in hand conference system microphone connection diagram

Each of the above three methods has its advantages and disadvantages. We can't just pursue economic benefits when choosing. It is best to listen to the advice of professionals to use the conference microphone to maximize the value of use.

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