What are the problems with cloud security?

1. Cloud issues

The Cloud Security Alliance and Hewlett-Packard Co. listed seven major issues in cloud computing, based on the findings of a survey of 29 companies, technology vendors, and consulting firms.

1) Data loss/leakage. The security control of data in cloud computing is not very satisfactory. API access control and key generation, storage and management deficiencies may cause data leakage, and may also lack the necessary data destruction policies.

2) Sharing technology vulnerabilities. In cloud computing, simple misconfigurations can have a serious impact because many virtual servers in the cloud computing environment share the same configuration, so a Service-Level Ag.'eement must be implemented for the network and server configuration. SLA) to ensure timely installation of fixes and implementation of best practices.

3) Internal rape. Cloud computing service providers may have different background checks on workers and enterprise data access rights. Many vendors have done a good job in this area, but not enough. Companies need to evaluate suppliers and ask how Filter employee's plan.

4) Account, service and communication hijacking. Many data, applications, and resources are concentrated in the cloud. If the cloud authentication mechanism is weak, intruders can easily obtain user accounts and log in to the customer's virtual machine. Therefore, it is recommended to actively monitor this threat and Adopt two-factor authentication mechanism.

5) Insecure application program interface. In the development of applications, companies must think of cloud computing as a new platform rather than outsourcing. During the life cycle of an application, a strict auditing process must be deployed. Developers can apply certain guidelines to handle authentication, access control, and encryption.

6) There is no proper use of cloud computing. In the use of technology, hackers are often able to rapidly deploy new attack techniques to freely navigate through the cloud.

7) Unknown risk. Transparency issues have plagued cloud service providers. Account users only use the front-end interface. They do not know what kind of platform or repair level the supplier uses.

2. Client issues

Customer cloud security has network concerns. After some anti-virus software got out of the Internet, its performance dropped dramatically. However, there are no such cases in practical applications. Due to virus damage, network environment and other factors, once a problem occurs on the network, cloud technology becomes a burden.

For client problems, the solution is to use hybrid cloud technology, which combines public cloud and private cloud, which not only exerts the advantages of large public cloud users, but also retains local data capabilities, combining traditional technologies and new technologies. The advantages can solve many application problems.

3. Enterprise Cloud Security Solution

(1) The internal private cloud lays the foundation for cloud computing

The first way to promote cloud security is to understand yourself. Companies need to have a deep understanding of the existing internal private cloud environment and the security systems and procedures that the enterprise has built for this cloud environment and learn from them. In the past decades, large and medium-sized companies have set up cloud environments, although they have called them "shared services" rather than "clouds." These "shared services" include authentication services, configuration services, database services, enterprise data centers, etc. These services are generally based on relatively standardized hardware and operating system platforms.

(2) Risk assessment, an important guarantee for commercial security

A second approach to improving cloud security—an assessment of the risks and importance of various business processes that require IT support. Enterprises may easily calculate the cost savings from adopting a cloud environment, but the "risk/return ratio" cannot be ignored. It is necessary to first understand the risk factors in this proportional relationship. The cloud service provider cannot complete the risk analysis for the enterprise because it depends entirely on the business environment in which the business process is located. For cost-effective service level agreement (SLA) applications, cloud computing is undoubtedly the first choice. As part of the risk assessment, companies should also consider potential regulatory implications because regulators prohibit certain data and services from appearing outside the enterprise, state or country.

(3) Different cloud models that accurately support different services

A third way to enhance cloud security Enterprises should understand the different cloud models (public, private, and hybrid clouds) as well as different cloud classes (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) because the differences between them will be for security controls and Safety responsibility has a direct impact. According to their own organizational environment and business risk (see Section (2) of the analysis), all companies should have a corresponding view or strategy for the cloud.

(4) SOA architecture, early experience of cloud environment

A fourth approach to improving cloud security – applying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design and security principles to application #2: (Miao Pu. Most enterprises have applied SOA principles to application development processes a few years ago. In fact, the cloud environment is the large-scale expansion of SOA.The next logical development stage of service-oriented architecture is the cloud environment.Enterprises can combine SOA's highly decentralized security enforcement principles with centralized security policy management and decision-making, and directly In the cloud environment, when shifting the focus from SOA to the cloud environment, enterprises do not need to re-determine these security policies, and only need to transfer the original strategy to the cloud environment.

(5) Dual role transformation to fill the ecological chain of cloud computing

The fifth approach to improving cloud security considers issues from the perspective of cloud service providers. Most companies initially see themselves as cloud service users, but don't forget that corporate organizations are also part of the ecological chain and need to provide services to customers and partners. If you can achieve a balance between risks and benefits, so as to maximize the benefits of cloud services, then companies can also follow this approach to adapt to their own role in the cloud service providers in the ecological chain. Doing so can also help companies better understand the cloud service provider's workflow.

(6) Network security standards, set up its own "firewall"

The sixth method to enhance cloud security Ljil knows the company itself and enables network security standards. For a long time, the network security industry has been committed to the realization of cross-domain system security and efficient management, has formulated a number of effective security standards, and has been used or will be used to protect the security of cloud services. In order to work effectively in the cloud environment, companies must adopt these standards. They include Security Assertion Markup Language (S/UML), Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPlvIL), and Extensible Access Control Markup. Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) and Web Services Security (WS-Security).

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