What is color? Basic concept of color and analysis of three elements

First, we need to popularize the following concepts:

1. The three elements of color, that is, the light source, the object and the observer, are all indispensable, otherwise the color cannot be perceived;

2. Color is not the property of the object, but the perception of the observer;

3. The same light source and object, the perception of color is different from the individual;

4. For the same object and observer, different light sources will result in different color perceptions;

All the knowledge of color science is inseparable from the three elements of color; therefore, the future topics will be expanded one by one from these three elements:

The light source part includes a standard illuminating body and an artificial light source, a daylight simulator, a light quality parameter, a color light box, a spectral power distribution, a photometric knowledge, an additive color mixing, and the like;

The object part contains colorant properties and applications, polymer properties and applications, performance testing, color measurement, object appearance measurement, functional additives, color matching principle, special effects, color sequence system, etc.

The observer part includes human eye structure and characteristics, photoreceptor cells, color matching function, color space, color difference formula, color adaptation and color constancy, favorite color, memory color, psychophysical experiment, visual phenomenon, etc.

Combine the application of three elements, including color measurement equipment, color management and reproduction, color appearance model, spectral reproduction, equipment characterization and calibration;

Finally, from the optical properties, the concept of many colors is derived from the spectrum, and most of the relevant parameters can be calculated from the spectrum. The light source has a Spectral PowerDistribution, the object color has a spectral reflectance (Reflectance), and the observer has a Color Matching function; in the following articles, the calculation method of each parameter will be gradually mentioned.

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