Xinli Optoelectronics Gu Zongjun: Ultra-high power lighting grade LED metal packaging technology

On August 23, 2010, sponsored by Gaogong LED, Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Xi'an Optoelectronic Technology Industry Development Center and Xi'an Technology Property Exchange Center, 2010 LED Illuminated China Tour - National Tour Survey and Industry Seminar The seventh seminar of the event was successfully held in Xi'an. The seminar was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the conference center of Xi'an High-tech Zone. The meeting held a heated discussion on the current technology and market development of the LED industry.

The conference attracted about 120 audiences from LED companies from all over Shaanxi. Chai Jie, deputy director of Xi'an Optoelectronic Technology Industry Development Center, Mu Yijing, general manager of Xi'an Liming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Duan Weifeng, director of Ke Rui Beijing Office, Gaogong LED CEO Zhang Xiaofei, Philips Lumileds Asia Regional Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun, Jiangsu Xinli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Sales Director Gu Zongjun delivered a speech.

Gu Zongjun, Sales Director of Jiangsu Xinli Photoelectric Co., Ltd.: Ultra-high power lighting LED metal packaging technology

Through the comparison of different packaging technology LED products, Gu Zongjun introduced the technological features of Xinli Optoelectronics LED products, including: light source, lens, collar, copper bracket, aluminum base and light decay, etc., and Xinli Optoelectronics' unique LED The package structure has won the national invention patent - the principle and application of a super-high-power lighting-level LED metal package structure, and shows Xinli Opto's road light series, floodlight series and explosion-proof light series products.

Gu Zongjun pointed out that the light source characteristics of Xinli Optoelectronics - low power consumption: the same power consumption is only 40% of the sodium lamp; high light efficiency: luminous efficiency of up to 100-110lm / w; low light decay: continuous work 2000 hours The light decay rate is less than 0.1%; the heat dissipation performance is good: the whole metal packaging technology is adopted, the heat conduction is fast; the color rendering index is high: Ra>=75; the light distribution is excellent: the high borosilicate glass lens is used, and the light transmittance is up to 95%. Free light distribution; fast response time: response time is 60 nanoseconds (ns), instant lighting; long working life: light source working life up to 50,000 hours; green: no lead, pump and other pollution elements, no environment Pollution; high degree of protection: compact structure, impact resistance, anti-aging, protection grade IP65, maintenance-free.

Gu Xinjun, Sales Director, Jiangsu Xinli Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

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