Yangzhou Longyao Optoelectronic Factory was successfully completed

On April 1st, on the morning of March 28th, the main building of the 14,000 square meters of Longyao Optoelectronics Project was fully capped. Next, the construction of office buildings, gates and roads will be carried out. It is planned to start the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in April, before 4.18. Completed the construction of the gate of the plant , the office building was completed in May, and two MOCVD trials began in June. At the end of the year, 12 MOCVDs will be put into production, which will eventually reach the scale of 50 MOCVD , which will greatly increase the scale of epitaxial wafer production in our region. The smooth capping of the Longyao Optoelectronics project plant also indicates that a number of key projects including Longyao have entered a new stage.

Since the beginning of this year, in view of the large number of construction projects in our district, large investment, and tight construction period, all departments and units have taken the “project construction year” as the starting point, fully exerted their own work responsibilities, implemented service measures, and arranged according to the project schedule time. Set up service work plans, plan and implement infrastructure supporting projects, clarify Power Supply, water supply and gas supply plans, and provide advanced access to assist enterprises in handling land, planning, quality inspection, fire protection and other procedures, strengthen service and pay close attention to service quality. Go all out to do a good job in various services and play an important role in the construction of key projects.

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