Years old and old flowers are similar, old and young are different, peaches and plums are all over the world, September Xie Shien

[Home Theater Network] What was it in the future when I was in high school ten years ago? "When I was admitted to Tsinghua University, when I was in middle age, I went back to school to give lectures to my schoolmates." I am full of plans for the future, thinking that after the end of the boring high school life, I can start a colorful life. At that time, I thought that when I finished my high school life, I would no longer have such a difficult and difficult life, so I can live according to my own wishes. At that time, you told me not to look at society and life so darkly, the future life needs me to slowly taste! At that time, after all, there was a 17-year-old, 17-year-old bicycle, I just loaded the first love, the future It is also full of wonderful flowers like a movie trailer.

After ten years, the former lovers have been married as a woman. When I saw you, I only said a little greeting. Fortunately, I have been married and have children. Now I still live a life like a high school, for life, and for a little. ideal. Now I am going back to ask myself, did the original wish come true? It can only be said that the revolution has not been successful, and more efforts are needed.

I feel that Teacher's Day should not be immersed in such feelings. I always remember the original teaching of the teacher, so I didn't let my heart really be dark. I have been studying in different places in the past ten years. He has a life in his hometown. Although he has no fame, he can be self-reliant and confident. . Reading, traveling, love, and work have never fallen. Everything brought to me in high school-----Sanguan and classmates are all the foundations of today. If life has any influence on me, now it seems that three Most of the year! I wish you a happy Teacher's Day and good health!

Years of age are similar, ages and years are different, and I have graduated from high school for ten years. Ten years of glory, the fingers pointed. At that time, we were young and young. Today, we are almost standing, formally entering the middle age of life, are experiencing the storm, reading the vicissitudes of life.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, you can go to the movie with a few old classmates and teachers, talk about movies, talk about life ideals, or go to K, you can sing and watch movies, and enjoy the shock brought by the panoramic sound. And the impact! Here, I would like to recommend Tianyi's amplifier speakers to experience!

Tianyi Audio and Aiqiyi | Let's look together to create a sense of space, privacy, and personalization. The Tianyi Ying K integrated power amplifier - HD-1100, CS series speakers and SUB-10PA subwoofer are used in the micro-shadow room to truly restore the sound of the film, making the space, distance and sense of the room more Strong, it is worth to experience!

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