Z4X evaluation screen is still shocking but still difficult to replace TV

Abstract: Even if Mami wants to package it into "television", it cannot become a substitute for TV. The cost of "converting the whole wall of a home into a TV screen" is too high for me. Now.

Turning the whole wall of my home into a TV screen - I really couldn't resist because of the temptation of the big screen, so that I have been having such a special embarrassment for projector products over the years. With the rise of smart phones and the explosion of smart TVs, when I discovered that after I joined the Android system, the projector became less business and no longer so condescending, a kind of excitement from the subconscious was constantly in my heart. Sounds: The dream big screen era may really come.

For this reason, I began to constantly search for and try various smart projectors, and tried to find a product that could meet my goal of realizing large-screen playback at home. This one of the most recent Z4X non-screen TVs is one of them.

Life style

Mimi called its smart projection screenless television, the target user is a family of renters, young white-collar workers, trying to attract such users through portable, cost-effective, large-screen, intelligent and other features. In fact, I am not unfamiliar with rice-free screen television. Its previous generation Z3 also left me a good impression.

After getting the Z4X, the first feeling is that it is not like a digital product. The white + black tone vinyl player is more life style than the previous generation. According to the Propaganda Propaganda, this style is in line with the tastes of young people, and it also fits well with various furniture styles. Although the pole meter is somewhat like an slogan, when you take the pole meter Z4X home, you will find that it really is not as abrupt as other products, and it looks more pleasing to the eye.

For the design, if you have to pick something wrong, it does make me feel less comfortable - the power cord. If the Z4X meter really shows a unique life in its design, the power cord behind it seems to be incongruous.

Another point that needs special attention is that the white body has always been too unsatisfactory in terms of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, etc. If it is only fixed to place a pole meter Z4X in a position in the home, there is no problem, and if you need Take it out often, then you must be extra careful.

Extensibility enhancement

In order to not affect the overall body shape, all the interfaces are designed on the back of the Z4X. Here you can find a USB 2.0 interface, a USB 3.0 interface, two HDMI interfaces, an AV interface, a headset interface, and a network cable interface. These interfaces meet the needs of everyday use both in quantity and type.

In addition, the polar meter Z4X also has a 2.5-inch disk at the bottom of the fuselage. You can unscrew the three feet on the bottom of the fuselage and remove the chassis to see it.

The addition of this empty space is still very practical for movie fans. For example, you can download N movies in advance and put them on this hard drive, and install them in the Z4X. This is equivalent to your N4 Z4X, and you can enjoy large screens in places without a network. The viewing fun. In addition, you can also use Thunder Remote APP to download videos to your home Z4X hard drive on your work computer when you are at work, so you can see the effect of going home.

Rich video effect shocked

Undoubtedly, after being equipped with an Android system, the Z4X can not only watch online videos, but also play games and install APPs to read news. The overall application is exactly the same as the TV box, but it is "used" by the screen. The degree of freedom is higher.

Connect the power supply. After you open the Z4X, you can directly enter the system interface. This system is based on a new UI developed by Android 4.3, horizontally divided into four categories of film and television, music, games, and applications, almost no threshold of operation. Obviously, for a smart projection product, video applications are our most concerned part.

Judging from the video content, Zimizi Z4X and Mango TV have cooperated with each other and have obtained certain protection in the legitimacy of the film source. In addition, objectively speaking, Mango TV is quite satisfactory in terms of video content richness, and it also has its own exclusive content on variety shows. There is no problem with seeing.

In addition, the aircraft also comes with a 3D glasses, in addition to downloading 3D sources yourself, it also provides a 3D video section in its own video section, but only 12 videos are somewhat small in number. .

Of course, online video is a part of it. You can also watch the downloaded movies on the external hard disk. After my actual experience, with the 1.5GHz Mstar quad-core processor, 2G DDR3 and other hardware configurations, 1080P and 4K video can be played smoothly. Basic video formats such as MP4, MKV, and RMBV are basically supported in the market, and they also perform well in external subtitles.

Watch the effect during the day

Watch the effect during the day

However, it should be noted that even though the Z4X uses a dual-optical path design, the brightness is nominally 580 ANSI lumens, but if it is viewed in a room with strong daylight, the overall effect will still be discounted. Of course, this issue is not limited to only the extreme meters. Almost all of the same products in the market have stagnated on this issue.

Finally talk about some of the operating experience, a good place and a bad place. The good place is that the remote control has a pair of focus keys, if you find the screen is not clear, you can adjust at any time in any state, very convenient; the bad thing is that trapezoidal correction only supports vertical correction, does not support the level Correction. In other words, you must use Z4X to face the wall you want to put in, otherwise your screen will never be rectangular. In addition, trapezoidal correction can only support adjustment in the system settings, and the problem of inability to fine-tune the video playback process also brings certain troubles to the actual experience.

Only solved the problem of sound

In fact, there are many discussions on the use of environmental restrictions for portable projectors on the Internet. Most of them focus on the three aspects of brightness, sound, and where to use it. Just now I mentioned the brightness problem earlier, and I will not repeat it here. Therefore, the following two main aspects are mentioned below: the sound and where it is used.

The first is sound. Thanks to the Harman/Kardon audio unit, it can be said that the Z4X has basically solved the sound problem. That's right, if you don't have special requirements for sound effects, the Z4X's own speaker is quite powerful.

There is also an episode in the sound. The Z4X not only supports the Wifi audio function, it can be used to play music independently in the case of power off, but also supports the 3D gesture cut song function. You just need to gently slide the palm of your hand over the top of your body and you don't need to operate the remote control. Song switching effect, and the sensitivity is very high.

After talking about the sound, I said "what is the use?" However, for this problem, I feel that not only the Mi Z4X has not been solved, but it is not convenient for the previous generation of products.

The reason why I think so, mainly because it does not design any place where the tripod can be installed on the bottom of the fuselage. Actually, I also thought that for this kind of projection, it was a special “inconvenience” to use a tripod at home, but the Z4X pole had no screw holes for a tripod, which made me really unsure. .

At first, I think it might be what special accessories for Z4X are available for us to use, but unfortunately I did not find similar products on their website. In addition, I also looked at Taobao, and even the "art rack" that everyone likes can't be used on the Z4X. So, I really think that if you want to use it at home, either go to the ceiling or choose to build a stand solely on the basis of the Z4X, or you have to prepare a table for the Z4X specifically...

Replacement TV costs too high

Compared with the previous generation, the Z4X has a certain degree of improvement in appearance value and actual performance. In particular, the addition of harman/kardon audio units solves the common problems in portable projection. These are all worthy of recognition. However, from the perspective of practical applications, I still believe that even if Mimi wants to package it into “television”, it cannot become a substitute for TV. This “turns the entire wall of the home into a TV screen”. The cost is too high for me.

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