Zhen Mingli responded to the ban on packaging discontinuation and said that it is increasing the layout.

[Reporter Wu Juping]

In response to the rumors that Zhen Mingli recently stopped the packaging production line and even sold the property, the reporter of the "New Industry" of the High-tech Research Institute called the relevant person in charge of Zheng Mingli, and the head of the LED business department, Mr. Liao, denied this statement: "How Possibly, our packaging is increasing horsepower. The current production capacity has been 100 KK."

Mr. Liao responded to the sharp decline in the performance of Zheng Mingli's recent financial report, saying that it will not stop increasing the LED layout. Recently, four new MOCVD projects have been invested, and the Jiangmen project is also increasing negotiations with the provincial science and technology department.

Zhen Mingli, who started with lighting, has aggressively attacked the LED market in recent years. Following the large-scale investment in epitaxial chips in Jiangmen in 2010, the announcement indicates that the Chinese market is gradually becoming the main source of profit for its growth.

However, Zhen Mingli recently released its annual report. The financial report showed that it had turned from profit to loss at the end of March this year, with a large loss of 1.43 billion yuan, and sales fell, drawing 900 million yuan.

During the reporting period, all classified products showed different degrees of decline, including LED decorative lights falling from HK$869 million in 2010 to HK$555 million in 2011, a decrease of 36.1%. LED general lighting products from 3.78 in 2010 The Hong Kong dollar fell to 319 million Hong Kong dollars in 2011, a decrease of 15.6%. The annual gross loss rate was 53.9%.

Mr. Liao explained: "The decline of various products is mainly due to the fact that the chip market is not optimistic, but LED is not returning, and has to go up." The financial report explained the reason for the loss, mainly due to the confirmation of property, plant, equipment, commercial lighting. And impairment losses on intangible assets amounted to $345 million, other income, distribution and sales expenses and administrative expenses decreased, the fair value of investments held for sale and purchase decreased, and the losses of associates were shared.

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